167 minutes of perfect blockbuster cinema: the best action film of the year is on Netflix – Kino News

167 minutes of perfect blockbuster cinema: the best action film of the year is on Netflix – Kino News

In the FILMSTARTS review, “Mission: Impossible 7” received a full five stars. For FILMSTARTS editor Daniel Fabian, however, another star has the edge when it comes to the highlight of 2023’s action…

… and it’s not “John Wick 4”, “Fast & Furious 10”, “Plane” or any other Hollywood production. Instead of a megahit from India that delivers an exaggerated spectacle to perfection (and thus shows the dream factory what they seem to have forgotten a little there): “jawan“.

The nearly three-hour action epic with superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the title role is not only one of the most expensive films in Indian history, but also one of the most successful, with a worldwide box office gross of over $140 million. (Only four Indian films have grossed even more). What makes me particularly happy? That the film also reached local cinemas – and also provided film fans in Germany with a penchant for escapism with an extraordinary cinematic experience. And what makes me even happier? “Jawan” is now available on Netflix just two months after its theatrical release last September!

Well, you can only find the film on the streaming platform with a little trick – changing the language on your Netflix profile to English – but the adjustment is worth it, at least in the short term. Why Now is the perfect opportunity to finally catch up on this excellent action work – or simply watch it on repeat. like in my case. Because “Jawan” offers such a complete and varied action package that, at least for me, even after three viewings, I never felt bored…

“Jawan” on Netflix: Robin Hood meets Ethan Hunt meets…

Director Atlee Kumar (“The Spark – Theri”) tells the story of a man (Shah Rukh Khan) who decides to fight injustice in society. Bad deeds must be punished – and anyone who has acquired their wealth illegally must give something back to the poor. But then one day his past catches up with him-and his campaign for justice threatens to derail…

This basically sounds like a classic Robin Hood story – which is essentially what “Jawan” is. In the end, the action cocktail also contained many other stylistic influences, both narrative and directorial, that bring back memories of “Mission: Impossible,” “300” and many other modern Hollywood blockbusters — and in the end something Make Him the yours to have.

With a lot of courage for the good old “More is more!”

“Jawan” begins with an opening scene as it appears in the book. Because with an attack on a village and the atrocities of the attackers, Kumar hits the jackpot from the start – not just in terms of emotions, but above all with appreciated action. Shah Rukh Khan’s first appearance, which was loudly applauded by almost the entire audience not only at my cinema session, not only establishes the protagonist as the ultimate hero in no time – but also sets the mood for a fireworks display of Visually exaggerated artifice that has no defined limit seems.

I asked a Hollywood star his name – and his reaction was pure gold!

When the title hero grabs his spear and defeats his first opponents in super slow motion, it’s more reminiscent of Zack Snyder’s “300.” Of course, cynics will probably see this as the first reason for the excessively long running time, which is quite normal by Bollywood standards – but you can’t deny the opening’s viewing value. Mainly because these shots not only serve to make the most spectacular images a little more spectacular, but are also used deliberately within the narrative – for example, to unambiguously present the main characters as such. Sometimes people get out of the car in slow motion, step on the ground or simply clap.

Atlee Kumar’s joy in directing is simply a pleasure and always ensures that even moments feel like action scenes that aren’t action scenes – making the film incredibly entertaining. From elaborate drone shots that are currently very popular in Hollywood, to superbly choreographed and brutally staged martial arts sequences, to hilariously staged chase scenes – “Jawan” offers everything an action fan’s heart desires…

…and it goes a step or two further, where North American films pull the handbrake. Because yes, even exaggerated copies like “John Wick” and the like, which are not exactly top-notch in terms of logic and authenticity, always insist on a certain basic level of realism – and in this way they stand out from Hollywood blockbusters. of the 90s, which often raised the temperature according to the principle “more is more” and took their audience to another world with pure escalation. At that time, the realism that prevailed outside of cinema was enough for people – and sometimes it is still enough for me today.

What sets SRK’s blockbuster apart in the end is the fact that despite all this, it doesn’t lose any of its emotional impact. A feat that almost no film achieves – and in fact rarely achieves. But despite the exaggerated images, Kumar manages to tell a story that, despite the clichés, is universal. It addresses social problems and sheds light on family destinies, which are certainly a big topic in India, but which are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent in the rest of the world.

Paired with a series of Twists that feed tension again and again and questions arise about how the hell things should go on and what’s next, “Jawan” is an unbridled and completely successful cinematic experience – and for me it is clearly the action highlight of the year.

End of action for Ryan Gosling on Netflix? After all, the streaming service might not want to continue one of its most successful films!

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