29 oat products in the eco-test: some have questionable ingredients

29 oat products in the eco-test: some have questionable ingredients

the essentials in summary

  • Oatmeal is totally popular! Because they are perfect sources of energy, good for your health and can be used in different ways in the kitchen.

  • Last year, “Öko-Test” tested 29 healthy oat flakes and obtained surprising results: some products contain toxins and can cause harm to your health.

  • You can find out here which oats you should leave on supermarket shelves and which ones you can eat with a clear conscience. We will also show you the benefits of the delicious flakes.

Whether in muesli, pancakes or vegan burgers – oat flakes are highly sought after by many people. In addition to its versatility, the superfood is also healthy and even serves as a miracle weapon for losing weight. But how good are the little flakes really? “Öko-Test” examined the products in 2022 – with shocking results. We show which products contain dangerous toxins and what advantages the test winners have.

In the clip: These types of oats contain harmful substances

It’s no wonder that oats are a constant trend: they contain protein and fiber, are low in calories and even help you lose weight. Whether in pancakes, smoothies or savory dishes – the superfood is versatile and tastes simply delicious! It’s no wonder healthy oats end up in so many dishes. But are the products really good? “Öko-Test” closely examined 29 substantial oat flakes. Although many brands can be recommended, some products have been found to contain toxic substances.

Substances harmful to health are repeatedly discovered in products. Be careful when shopping: Öko-Test has found ingredients suspected of being carcinogenic in fish products. The cat food has also been tested by Öko-Test – we have the results! Additionally: Öko-Test tested toothpaste in 2023 – these brands performed particularly well or poorly. Here you can also find detergents at Öko-Test: These products are particularly good!

Hearty oat flakes in the “ecological test”: surprising results

Oatmeal has become an integral part of some menus – whether as a complete meal or as a small snack in between. The trendy food contains many valuable vitamins and nutrients and is one of the healthiest types of grains. “Öko-Test” has already tested 29 healthy oat flakes from (organic) supermarkets, discount stores and drugstores, including 16 with the organic seal. They have been tested for heavy metals such as arsenic and nickel, as well as pesticides, mold and mineral oil components.

Many organic flakes and also some conventional products were really convincing in the eco-test. But some brands have brought worrying results: pesticides were found in almost all conventional oatmeal and traces of mold were found in almost all organic packaging.

Be careful, there are dangerous toxins in these oat flakes

Perhaps you can hardly imagine a breakfast without oatmeal: we like to eat it as a breakfast cereal or in the form of a pancake to start the day with energy. But apparently some products also contain unhealthy, if not harmful, toxins like glyphosate, mold, and mineral oils.

Healthy oat flakes with toxic glyphosate

In Öko-Test, glyphosate was detected in 4 different products, including “Knusperone Kernige Oatmeal” from Aldi and “Golden Breakfast Oatmeal” from Norma. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) warns that the spray is “probably carcinogenic to humans”, so the flakes should not be consumed. However, glyphosate can not only harm our bodies, but also biodiversity and is therefore responsible for the decline of insects.

These products are contaminated with mold

Poisonous fungi were discovered in some flakes that apparently already affect oats in the field: the so-called T-2 and HAT-2 toxins. These fungi damage our living cells and can weaken our immune systems. “Significantly increased” values ​​were again found in oat flakes from Aldi and Norma in the Öko-Test, but also in the “Yes!” test. Rewe’s oat flakes attracted negative attention. Apparently, Norma has already removed the affected oats from her reach.

By the way: according to Öko-Test, adults with a body weight of 60 kg would exceed the tolerated daily mold intake with just a 40 g serving of oats.

Öko-Test warns about mineral oil components in oat flakes

In the eco-test process, MOSH/MOSH analogous mineral oil components were found in 4 products. These are harmful to our body and can lead to extreme contamination. Öko-Test emphasizes that mineral oil components can enter products, for example through lubricating oils in machines, and can therefore be avoided.

Mineral oils, in particular, are often found in other products: here we reveal which grilled sausages from discount stores to be careful with, which olive oils contain mineral oils and which harmful substances have been discovered in paper straws.

Breakfast cereals for children in testing

The best oats: These products are recommended

For all the oatmeal fans among us: don’t worry! You don’t need to give up flakes in the future. Even though some products had shocking results, a total of 18 of the 29 oat flakes tested were rated “very good”. The 2022 test winners include 11 organic and 7 conventional products, including Alnatura Large Leaf Oat Flakes, Dm Organic Large Leaf Oat Flakes and Echte Kölln Kernige.

Therefore, you can buy these oat flakes with a clear conscience and continue to integrate them into your diet. Already knew? Oats are also very popular in children’s diets. The abundant nutrients promote the healthy physical and mental development of little ones.

Trendy oats: the superfood brings these benefits

  • Healthy Helpers: Thanks to the vitamins and nutrients they contain, the flakes are good for our immune system and can even prevent diabetes. The reason: Oats contain a lot of beta glucan, which can lower cholesterol levels.
  • Oat Weight Loss Booster: For many people, it is difficult to imagine life without oats, especially in their diets. In addition to providing a lot of energy, the complex structure of carbohydrates also keeps you full for a long time and stimulates fat burning.
  • Digestive: Oats are rich in fiber and can support our healthy digestion and prevent constipation.
  • Universal application: Whether in sweet dishes like cakes and pancakes or as healthy burgers, oat flakes are popular in many kitchens and can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Delicate and robust: The favorite flakes can be found in supermarkets and discount stores in a delicate but also crunchy format. While the delicate oat flakes are perfect for creamy porridge, the crunchy ones provide a nice bite to muesli.

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