After Musk’s Issue Post: Tesla Drivers Want to Donate Cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is under fire for his recent X posts.
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Elon Musk’s reaction to an anti-Semitic post caused an uproar among some Tesla fans.

Musk called a post accusing Jewish communities of anti-white hate “real truth.”

Some Tesla owners and investors have said they want to sell their cars and shares because of this.

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Some Tesla owners are drawing conclusions from Elon Musk’s recent online scandal. The businessman supported an anti-Semitic tweet.

Seven current and potential Tesla owners who contacted Business Insider have now announced that they are actively planning or considering selling their vehicles or Tesla shares. Others say they no longer want to buy the brand after years of believing in Musk and his company. Other Tesla owners have made similar comments online.

After Musk supported an anti-Semitic post, supporters walked away

Background: Musk responded to an anti-Semitic post on Wednesday and called it “the truth.” The post came from a user who claimed that “Jewish communities” fuel “white hate” and that Western Jews specifically support “hordes of minorities” who “don’t particularly like them.” This claim is reminiscent of the “Great Swap” conspiracy theory, which posits that minority immigrants are displacing white populations in Western countries.

Musk’s support for the post quickly sparked backlash, including threats of a boycott against Tesla and a Facebook co-founder calling for his resignation. Even some of his most loyal supporters reacted strongly to his post. Many of them said the problem wasn’t the cars, but Musk.

A potential Tesla customer: “Elon makes it hard for you to want to buy a Tesla.”

“The car is brilliantly designed and incredibly functional,” Peter, a 2022 Tesla Model 3 owner from Vermont who asked to be identified only by his first name, told Business Insider. “However, unless Musk leaves Tesla, I will no longer buy any of his products and, unfortunately, I am considering selling my nearly mint Model 3.” Peter added that Musk is “actively alienating his customers,” describing Tesla customers as “relatively liberal and centrist.”

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Facebook co-founder calls for Elon Musk’s resignation after Tesla chief called anti-Semitic tweet “the real truth.”

Arthur Kulak told Business Insider that he owns shares of Tesla and is still debating whether or not to sell his shares in the company. He gave Musk one piece of advice: “Shut up.”

Tesla will hold a delivery event for its highly anticipated Cybertruck later this month. Expectations are high and reservations for the Cybertruck have already been made. One person told Business Insider that Musk’s contributions were enough to cause him to cancel his reservation. “Elon makes it hard for you to want to buy a Tesla. It’s a shame,” he said in an email.

Investor wants to exchange his Model Y for a Tesla competitor

Tesla investor Ross Gerber, who owned Tesla shares worth $74 million (about €68 million) this spring, said in a post on X that he plans to sell his Model Y to Tesla’s competitor, Deliver- if from Rivian.

Another “angry and horrified” Tesla owner told Business Insider that he has already spoken to his financial advisor about selling his Tesla shares after voluntarily investing in the company for more than a decade. The Model Y owner, who asked not to be named, said he received messages from his family begging him to get rid of the car.

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There were similar conversations on Reddit, where one user suggested that Musk’s time as CEO of Tesla should come to an end soon. “I think he’s really past his time and Tesla wouldn’t collapse without him. I think replacing it would be a really good thing in the long run,” the Reddit post said.

Online commentary site Citron Research, founded by Andrew Left, wrote a post on its official X account condemning Musk’s stance. It’s unclear whether the account is personally run by Left, but the post explains a shift from admiration for Musk to a call for “accountability.”

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