Big bang at Ofarim’s trial – now the judge is suddenly shaking

Big bang at Ofarim’s trial – now the judge is suddenly shaking

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To divide

In the trial against singer Gil Ofarim, an allegation of bias appears against the presiding judge. The president explains what it is about.

Update November 15th, 9:23 pm: In the trial against Jewish musician Gil Ofarim for defamation and false suspicion, an expert contradicted an important representation of the artist. From entering the lobby to leaving a hotel in Leipzig, no net with a Star of David was visible, said forensic expert Dirk Labudde at the Leipzig regional court on Wednesday.

According to the expert, the chain with the Star of David only became visible when Ofarim recorded the Instagram video in front of the hotel. To do this, the digital forensic expert evaluated the recordings from surveillance cameras in an extensive process. Expert testimony at the trial will continue on Thursday.

Trial begins against Gil Ofarim
One of the important questions in the trial is whether Ofarim’s Star of David necklace was even visible. © Sebastian Willnow/dpa

Now the judge in the Ofarim case is accused of bias

Update November 15th, 1:32 pm: Now Judge Stadler is shaking hands at Ofarim’s trial. A lawyer’s letter is considered a plea for bias against the president. He himself explains that he has been active politically since 2022 reported. The decision on how to deal with this will be made next week, outside the general assembly.

Stadler gave a talk on the topic of extremism to the Judges’ Association. The title: “There are no enemies of the Constitution in the public service – how the constitutional State and democracy can arm themselves against extremists”.

Gil Ofarim in court: Singer defends himself against defamation charges.
Gil Ofarim in court: Singer defends himself against defamation charges. © ArcheoPix/Imago

Ofarim Trial: Surveillance Video Faked? Now an expert speaks

Update November 15th, 1:12 pm: Is the video of Ofarim’s trial really real? Yes, says an expert according to the dpa news agency. The recordings were not faked; he personally protected them after the incident on police orders. “Manipulation is unthinkable.”

The 51-year-old also contradicts the defense’s claim that hotel surveillance video was shown to witnesses before the police investigation. The technician was unable to explain how and when this should have happened.

Ofarim trial: Hotel lobby surveillance video visible to public for first time

Update November 15th, 12:26 pm: More witness statements are expected on Wednesday in the trial against musician Gil Ofarim at the Leipzig Regional Court. The day before, a witness had not confirmed the report that Ofarim had been discriminated against by a hotel manager because of his Star of David. Again Daily Mirror reported, a report from digital forensics expert Dirk Labudde, who assessed the incident using hotel lobby surveillance cameras, will also be presented on Wednesday. But there are no sound recordings.

Surveillance video from hotel lobby at Ofarim trial is visible to the public for the first time

Update November 15th, 6:55am: Shortly before the end of the third day of the trial against Gil Ofarim, the singer’s defense requested the presentation of new evidence. The data would be kept on a pendrive and, according to the judge, would be evaluated in one of the next few days, he said. Either way, things will be exciting on the fourth day of testing. Surveillance video from the hotel will be shown in court and will be available to the public for the first time. In addition, other witnesses must be interviewed.

Update November 14th, 3:10 pm: According to the witness, Gil Ofarim’s report that a hotel manager discriminated against him because of his Star of David did not correspond to his personal perception. The 58-year-old was close to the singer during check-in reported from the court.

So there was a long queue at the hotel reception. The witness admits that he did not hear what the hotel manager and Ofarim discussed during check-in at the hotel. But at the counter the singer “made phone calls and gestured”. He therefore felt Ofarim upset. “He got angry and then started to be confrontational,” the witness said. He got the impression that the musician was upset “about not being taken out of line and given extra treatment.” However, this is just his subjective perception, according to the witness. he emphasized.

Another witness incriminates Ofarim on the third day of the trial – without being aware of any discrimination

Update November 14th, 12pm: Another witness is expected to speak on the third day of the trial of singer Gil Ofarim. How According to other reports, this was a regular guest at the hotel. The witness received the room card separately from the hotel employee and said he could not contribute anything further to the clarification.

According to this, the man probably noticed the discontent in the queue “through Mr. Ofarim”, but was not aware of it. Asked by the Public Prosecutor’s Office whether the witness had noticed the use of the phrase “pack your star”, relevant in the trial, he responded in the negative.

Original message from November 14, 2023: Leipzig – Did a hotel manager discriminate against Gil Ofarim because of his Star of David? Or is the Jewish musician lying? This is what should clarify the trial against 41-year-old Ofarim, which began on Tuesday, November 7, at the regional court in Leipzig. A surprise appears to have occurred now on the third day of the trial. As reported that a new witness contacted the Public Prosecutor’s Office. This therefore puts pressure on the singer.

Ofarim trial: Surprise on the third day of trial – new witness comes forward and incriminates singer

As the portal progresses, the new witness contacted the Public Prosecutor’s Office by telephone. The trigger was the trial report. Thus, the Brandenburg witness remembered that he was directly behind Gil Ofarim in the hotel lobby during the incident in question. As It is also reported that the witness claims to have not suffered “any insult” from the hotel employee. According to District Attorney Ricken, it is currently not possible to say whether the witness’s account is true.

The 41-year-old Munich-born man is in the dock on charges of, among other things, defamation and false suspicion. In early October 2021, the musician made serious accusations of anti-Semitism against the manager of a hotel in Leipzig in an Instagram video. Ofarim was instructed to take off the Star of David and only then would he be allowed to check in, the singer alleged. However, after extensive investigations by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, charges were brought against Ofarim. The case against the hotel manager was dropped.

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