Black Friday 2023: The best mountain bike bargains and offers

Black Friday 2023: The best mountain bike bargains and offers

Black Friday 2023: Like every year, this time we receive countless offers on Black Friday – regardless of whether it’s called Black Week, Black Weekend or Black Friday Week, the objective remains the same: to offer you the opportunity to save a lot of money. Here we present an up-to-date list of bicycle products, mountain bike and racing components, and cycling clothing from various bicycle stores and brands, which we regularly update for you. You’re also welcome to share your discoveries in the comments – and now have fun saving!

Generally, you should keep this in mind when it comes to Black Friday bike deals!

  • Always look carefully and know your standards: The components are a dime a dozen and the same applies to the standards attached to them – the handlebars come in different diameters and widths, a Shimano cassette won’t fit on a SRAM freewheel and a 20 millimeter rim will hardly fit on a 2 can hold 0, 8″ wide. When it comes to replacement parts, always check carefully that they are compatible with your bike – it’s better to miss out on a bargain than to return ten!
  • Figure this out in advance and it’s best to create a observation (also digital) with the measurements, dimensions and standards that are most important to you. For clothes, for example, pre-measure the arm, chest, inner leg or waist measurements. Or for parts – seat post diameter, bottom bracket dimensions, number of holes in rims, freewheel patterns, fork installation dimensions, axle lengths and diameters, and more. This will save you trouble when you’re on a bargain spree.
  • You have no information about a specific product? So it’s better to stay away from it – good dealers provide all the important information. If the information is missing, you could purchase an unsuitable component and have to deal with the claim later. Therefore, it is best to distance yourself if there is any uncertainty.
  • One Make a list of the parts needed – if you drive a lot, you wear out a lot! Even if your bike is working perfectly, sooner or later something will need to be done again. It can be anything from fresh sealing milk to brake pads and discs or a bicycle chain. If you have the opportunity now, stock up in advance, maybe fill your shopping cart and save on shipping costs later.
  • One if possible secure payment method with buyer protection to use. This often saves time and nerves, especially when it comes to returns.


Black Week: 60% ON THE ENTIRE SITE!!

Ekoï Black Week 2023 is already breaking records with more than 500 references from head to toe. A unique 60% discount valid across the ENTIRE site! The best time for the best selection of colors, sizes and models for women and men.

Additionally, Ekoï is donating Warren Barguil’s bike from the Arkea Samsic team! Place your order now and get a chance to win twice.

Matthieu Muller - 3600x2400-blackfriday (1)
# Matthieu Muller – 3600×2400-blackfriday (1)
Matthieu Muller - bike 3600x2400-concours (1)
# Matthieu Muller – bike 3600×2400-concours (1)

Pink Bicycles

Find the bike of your dreams from November 17th. until November 28, 2023 with up to 40% discount on all-purpose bikes – for example THE BRUCE dirt bike for just €999 instead of €1,199, the e-trail bike with top-of-the-range equipment ROOT MILLER PLUS 4 for €5,999 instead of €8,599 or the BACKROAD GRX RX 600 1×11 for €1,999 instead of €2,499 and the top-of-the-range equipment racing bike XLITE UNLTD Dura Ace Di2 for €8,999 instead of €9,999.

Treat yourself to the right bike for the off-season, the perfect companion for the upcoming season or find the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones with our Black Week offers and save up to €2,600.

Rose Bikes offers MTB and E-MTB

Contribution ROSE Black Week MTB 3600x2400 01
# Contribution ROSE Black Week MTB 3600×2400 01
Contribution ROSE Black Week MTB 3600x2400 03
# Contribution ROSE Black Week MTB 3600×2400 03

Contribution ROSE Black Week MTB 3600x2400 02
# Contribution ROSE Black Week MTB 3600×2400 02
Contribution ROSE Black Week MTB 3600x2400 04
# Contribution ROSE Black Week MTB 3600×2400 04

Rose Bikes offers racing bikes and gravel bikes

ROSE Black Week post ROAD 3600x2400 01
# ROSE Black Week post ROAD 3600×2400 01
ROSE Black Week post ROAD 3600x2400 04-1
# ROSE Black Week post ROAD 3600×2400 04-1

ROSE Black Week post ROAD 3600x2400 02-1
# ROSE Black Week post ROAD 3600×2400 02-1
ROSE Black Week post ROAD 3600x2400 03-1
# ROSE Black Week post ROAD 3600×2400 03-1

Radon bikes

Black Week Offers. We reduce all bikes by at least 20% and you can save up to €2,000. Here are the highlights:

Benjamin Brochhagen - article-jab-splash
# Benjamin Brochhagen – article-jab-splash
Benjamin Brochhagen - article-swoop-splash
# Benjamin Brochhagen – article-swoop-splash


Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with incredible discounts on premium bikes, bike parts, clothing and accessories. Unleash your adrenaline while cycling with our exclusive DAILY OFFERS and discounts of up to 60%! Hurry: these offers are only valid from November 20th to 27th. Discover our curated selection, from powerful transmissions to stylish accessories, all designed to enhance your sporting experience. Pedal hard and guarantee our offers – which make every ride an experience and every purchase a triumph!

MTB BIKE24 offers

BIKE24 road bike deals

BIKE24 urban offers

# mtb-news-3600×2400-2-black-friday-23-11-bike24

The bc ORANGE DAYS have arrived!

Your bike friends at bike-components are once again offering you the hottest promotion of the year until November 27, 2023. This year, new promotions and many more offers from your favorite MTB, Gravel & Road brands await you every day.

Click here and secure offers:

bc MTBnews banner 3600x2400
# bc MTBnews banner 3600×2400

rocky mountain

Hit the trails with our “Black Friday” weekly offers.

Take 30% off select 2023 Rocky Mountain models and secure the best holiday deals now!

Florian Konietzko - 23 11 14 bw 3600x2400
# Florian Konietzko – 23 11 14 bw 3600×2400

Net Life

In our Liquid-Life Price City we improve our prices for you and put together radical offers. Until November 30th We offer up to 35% off on e-bikes, 54% off on high-quality bikes, 70% off on clothing and up to 54% off on parts and components.

Find your business at Liquid-Life Price City.

Summary of our offers:

liquid life


Stealth sale! Attractive offers on excellent bikes and equipment:

Canyon sale items

VELLO bike

Make your VELLO bike suitable for everyday use. Place all promotional products in your shopping cart to activate the code.

Six pack race

Pedals, stems, handlebars, brake pads and company: Save 40% on high-quality bike components and accessories in the big Black Week sale. The offer also applies to “Made in Germany” parts from Sixpack Racing.

Bike exchange

Black Week at BikeExchange until November 27th: Discounts of up to 55% on bikes and e-bikes storewide. We recommend:



We offer you the cheapest bargains in the off-road universe.

Save up to 75% on over 5,000 Black Deals!

Take a look now and save big – promotional period starts November 21st. until 11/30/23!

MTB bargains on the forum

Here you can enter offers all year round! Take a look: MTB News Bargain Thread

What offers have you discovered? Write them in the bargain thread or directly here in the comments!

Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links where we receive a small commission if you make a purchase.

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