Deezer presents itself with another new look – Design Diary

Deezer presents itself with another new look – Design Diary

Deezer recently launched a new logo. It’s only been four years since the streaming service changed its visual profile. The rebrand that took place just a few days ago is even more comprehensive in comparison.

The audio streaming service Deezer was founded in 2007. According to its own information, the service has 9.9 million subscribers. In the last brand change, in 2019, there were still 14 million. The global market share is currently 1.5%. Deezer has a market share of 7% in Germany and up to 12% in France. The streaming services market, whether for music or videos, is still highly competitive.

As the company explains in a press release, with the rebranding now complete, Deezer positions itself as an experience services platform in which artists, fans and partners are connected through music. To highlight this change and “strengthen people’s emotional connection with the brand”, Deezer is updating its visual identity.

Excerpt from the press release

“We have transformed Deezer over the last two years and today we mark an important milestone by unveiling our new identity and logo, whilst also showing how our product is evolving into a platform where people can experience and experience music in a way they cannot. can be found elsewhere,” said Jeronimo Folgueira, CEO of Deezer. “The love of music and helping people be and belong through music has always been at the heart of Deezer, and it’s time for us to embark on this new journey where we reinforce that commitment to fans, artists and partners.”

Deezer logo – before and after, image source: Deezer, image montage: German
Deezer logo – before and after, image source: Deezer, image montage: German

Deezer only made adjustments to the visual appearance in 2019 (reported by dt). While the last revision was more evolutionary in nature, a completely new brand design is now used. The original idea remains intact or is reinterpreted.

Instead of using rectangles, the image mark, which has represented a graphic implementation of an audio spectrum since the company’s founding, is now made up of several ovals of different sizes. These, in turn, form a heart shape when combined. Deezer is now using purple as its new primary color. The brand’s new design was presented on November 7th at an event at La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris).


“Love is in the air…” – everywhere you look, the theme of love and the symbolism of the heart are touched upon. The heart shape is now extremely widespread in the brand’s cosmos. An original and unmistakable brand identity and communication can hardly be built on this basis. If a generic character (an audio spectrum graph made up of rectangles) is replaced with another generic character (a heart), I can’t see any progress there.

Music is a highly emotional theme. Music can make us cry, laugh, put us in a party mood or lull us to sleep. Music can release happy hormones (dopamine) and also cause stress. Music has a contagious effect on us in one way or another: a phenomenon that is considered… emotional resonance is known. So the new purple heart-shaped audio spectrum graph is a very suitable visual equivalent, you might say. Certainly – as a visualization of the song IN SUM, the graphic is appropriate. But the fact that music creates an emotional resonance in us is not a unique selling point for the Deezer brand.

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