Eric Sindermann destroys Frauke Ludowig’s “Sommerhaus der Stars” moderation

Eric Sindermann destroys Frauke Ludowig’s “Sommerhaus der Stars” moderation

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Frauke Ludowig failed to convince fans with her moderate “Summer House of the Stars”. She also mercilessly fails former participant Eric Sindermann.

Update November 17, 2023: Cologne – This year’s “Sommerhaus der Stars” season ended with the reunion on Wednesday. The show, in which the couples meet again, was – as always – moderated by Frauke Ludowig (59). However, the RTL star received criticism from fans: Frauke Ludowig was unable to assert herself and had lost control. Former candidate Eric Sindermann (35) also gave a devastating verdict.

Opposite IPPEN.MEDIA complains Dr. Sindsen about the presenter’s performance. “I think Frauke Ludowig completely failed the meeting. Firstly, she was overwhelmed by the situation and secondly, she took sides, which I consider very unprofessional,” she explains. Even though he himself is not a fan of Maurice Dziwak (25), he thinks it’s unfair that Frauke Ludowig would show him off and make fun of him because of his living situation – in her children’s room. “At the end of the day, she has to be the referee and not take sides,” said the designer.

Watching the reunion, Eric felt transported back to his own season and the reunion show with Frauke Ludowig. “Of course I’m biased because it reminds me of last year when she kept interfering with me and I felt from the beginning that she didn’t like me,” he says. His own opinion of TV fame could hardly be worse. “I can’t stand Frauke Ludowig,” concludes the “Ex on the Beach” star.

Frauke Ludowig looks shocked (left), Eric Sindermann clenches his fists (right) (photomontage)
Frauke Ludowig was unable to assert herself in “The Summer House of the Stars” and was criticized by fans. Eric Sindermann also doesn’t speak well with the moderator. © Screenshot: “The Summer House of the Stars”/ RTL; Imago/ Beautiful Sports (photomontage)

First report from November 15, 2023: Cologne – The “Summer House of the Stars” has officially ended. But even after the end, there is still a lot to talk about. In the reunion episode, the candidates bring up the discussions again – and emotions boil. Moderator Frauke Ludowig (59) was supposed to moderate the meeting. However, viewers are not satisfied with her performance.

Frauke Ludowig doesn’t stand a chance against celebrities: the “Sommerhaus” reunion is getting out of control

Although Valentina Doronina (23) and her partner Can Kaplan (26), as well as Gigi Birofio (24) and her girlfriend Dana Feist (26) were not invited to the “Sommerhaus” meeting, there was a lot of discussion afterwards. Maurice Dziwak (25), in particular, continues to lighten things up and Claudia Obert (62), as always, doesn’t mince her words. Aleks Petrovic (32) and Eric Stehfest (34) are also resuming their rivalry – loudly.

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While the candidates shout and argue wildly, presenter Frauke Ludowig has a lot of difficulty structuring the episode. She repeatedly tries to give the floor to individual participants. However, celebrities always come back to their own arguments. This also doesn’t go unnoticed by viewers.

“Completely lost control”: “Sommerhaus” fans criticize Frauke Ludowig

The “Sommerhaus” meeting is being actively discussed on X, formerly Twitter. “Frauke Ludowig doesn’t have any of this under control. What’s the point of Maurice’s show?” and “Frauke Ludowig has completely lost control,” some users write. “All these ‘Sommerhaus’ meetings and Frauke still hasn’t learned how to host,” commented another. Another is amused: “How Frauke can hardly compete with them”.

Frauke Ludowig at the “Sommerhaus der Stars” meeting;  Celebrities at the “Summer House of the Stars” reunion
There was a heated argument again at the “Summer House of the Stars” reunion. In fact, Frauke Ludowig was supposed to direct everything – but the program literally got away from the host. © Screenshot / RTL / “The Summer House of the Stars” & Screenshot / RTL / “The Summer House of the Stars”

How much fuel there is between the candidates became clear throughout the season. In the end, Serkan Yavuz (30) and Samira Klampfl (29) won – but the “Sommerhaus” fans did not envy them one bit for their victory. Sources used: RTL,, IPPEN.MEDIA-INTERVIEW from November 16, 2023

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