Ex Sandy clearly reacts to the question of a romantic return

Ex Sandy clearly reacts to the question of a romantic return

Oliver Pocher and Sandy Meyer-W

Sandy Meyer-Wölden and Oliver Pocher were previously married.Image: www.imago-images.de/APress


Janna Eiserbeck

Oliver Pocher’s second marriage failed. A few weeks ago, he and Amira Pocher announced the end of their love affair. They had previously spoken openly about their marital problems on their podcast. But apparently it was too late to save the relationship.

While Amira seems to have already broken up with her ex, Pocher is clearly struggling with the end of love. This is mainly due to the headlines that circulated about Amira’s life after the split. They say she has already flirted with another man. Reason enough for Pocher to completely end his collaboration with his ex. The joint podcast “The Pochers!” He is now still with his ex Sandy Meyer-Wölden. Amira, on the other hand, now has her own podcast with her brother Ibrahim.

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Sandy reveals what the podcast deal with Olli Pocher was like

Both used the previous episodes to address the separation situation. It was also clear to Amira that she didn’t seem to fully agree with Sandy as Olli’s new podcast partner. “He just took Sandy and changed the title a little, but well… they can keep it. We’ll see,” Amira explained on her podcast “Liebes Leben” and added somewhat irritated that Sandy had taken the place, “without having spoken a word to her beforehand.

However, it appears there may not have been enough time for such a conversation. “The decision had to be made relatively quickly. I asked for time to think about it – but we actually only had about 24 hours!”, explained Sandy Meyer-Wölden to “Bild”. Ultimately, she “decided to support it – so the podcast stays in the family.”

Oliver Pocher and Sandy are now good friends

Sandy also made it clear that she didn’t want to take sides after the split. She still has a lot in common with her ex-husband Olli – especially their three children. “I must say that Olli and I have long put our struggles behind us after our separation. Everything that needed to be resolved between us was resolved over ten years ago. We’re really good friends now,” she continued. Podcasting together is relatively easy for them. They don’t need a script.

“The script wouldn’t work with Olli, he doesn’t stick to anything, he’s known for his quick thinking. Sometimes he’s so quick to shift gears that it’s more of a challenge to follow him when he makes his pithy comments and jokes. “But it works really well,” Sandy explained. You just can’t censor the comedian. But she revealed that she had “more subtle and creative methods to guide him in a different direction.”

Thanks to their children, Sandy and Olli remain connected even after their separation – just like Amira and Olli. But unlike her most recent ex, Sandy’s post-split harmony is (now) working much better. Unsurprisingly, in the wake of the podcast scam, speculation has already surfaced that the two could be dating again. But when asked by the “Bild” reporter whether there could be a return for the couple, Sandy Meyer-Wölden reacted clearly. “Nonsense!” she let them know.

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