First team launched in episode 6 – fans blame Orga

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In episode 6, the first team dropped out of 7 vs. Season 3. We will tell you what happened and what the community thinks about it. Warning, spoilers.

Vancouver Island, Canada – There’s a lot to see in Season 3 of 7 vs. Several animals have already passed before the participants’ lenses and each team will have to face their own challenges. For one team, however, it was already over on day 3 with 7 vs. The difficult conditions on Vancouver Island caused many problems.

7 vs. Wild Season 3: This team is out – water fountain destroyed and back pain

Who’s out? After Survival Mattin had already struggled with his back problems in previous episodes, an overnight storm was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The salt water flooded the entire beach and filled Mattin and Fritz Meinecke’s freshwater spring with salt water. Fans already suspected that Fritz Meinecke and Survival Mattin would pull out of 7 vs.

That is the problem:The clock is ticking a little nowSurvival experts notice when they realize they haven’t drunk water in ten to twelve hours. Even upstream the water remains salty. “We’re screwed, Mattin“, concludes Fritz Meinecke.

7 vs. Wild Season 3: First team released in episode 6 – fans blame Orga © 7 vs.

No way: The two YouTube survivors also discuss their last options. They even try to squeeze the moss to get cooling drops. Even after filtering, the two do not remain in still brackish water. But nothing can actually be drunk. “We are now at a stage where we no longer see any options“, the two despair. After about five hours searching for water, Fritz Meinecke and Survival Mattin can be seen having a long conversation on the beach.

We talked about it calmly and objectively for an hour by the sea, thought about it and went over it all again […] and they are – as bad as they seem and I can’t deal with it… that’s it.

This clearly shows the true nature“, Survival Mattin philosophizes and Meinecke responds: “Nature is uncontrollable“. The team would never have thought that Fritz Meinecke and Survival Mattin would drop out. Once you press the button, it doesn’t take long and 7 vs. Wild ends for both.

7 vs. Wild Season 3: Fritz Meinecke and Survival Mattin quit – fans blame Orga

This is what the fans say: On Reddit, fans are discussing the demolition of Fritz Meinecke and Survival Mattin. Many are disappointed that survival professionals didn’t try to survive at least one more night. “I feel like at the point where they gave up, they weren’t done yet“Comments from a user on the 7 vs. Here are some of the other comments.

  • To be honest, I also think the scope of the show somehow demands that the two actually fight to the end.
  • I don’t think you felt the will to fight that you would have expected from Fritz.
  • I also believe that Mattin’s health problems were a very decisive factor that made the situation even more desperate.

Orga is said to be to blame: O “The situation is 95% the organization’s fault“complains a fan on Reddit and receives approval. It is irresponsible to expose to participants where the “basic features“As fresh water is simply not available. The show is just about the choice of spots and cameras”not 100 percent survival“, so that during planning it must also be determined whether it can be achieved.

Furthermore, just a few meters from the team’s location was a lake, which Fritz and Mattin were prohibited from visiting because there were also gravel paths – this is how Fritz Meinecke explained it in his behind-the-scenes reaction included above. It’s unclear to what extent the locations of season 3 contestants 7 vs. Wild have been verified.

Not just criticism: But many also contradict critical fans. They believe that Fritz Meinecke simply pushed the button for Mattin’s sake, so as not to strain him and his back for another eleven days. Still others believe that without clean water there is nothing to fight against. However, everyone is happy because the team is safe and has not suffered any permanent damage.

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