First unmasking before episode 1

First unmasking before episode 1

the essentials in summary

  • This has never happened before: an unmasking before the start of the season! You can find out all the details here.

  • “The Masked Singer” starts its 9th season on November 18, 2023. You can find out all the information about the best and craziest show in the world here. You won’t miss any news on the news blog.

  • You can also find all information about broadcast times, masks and counseling staff here.

“The Masked Singer” 2023 Spoiler Danger: First Celebrity Identity Revealed Ahead of Fall Season Episode 1! You can find out who he is and what background led to his premature unmasking here.

+++ Update, November 15, 2023 +++

The first unmasking before episode 1

A small sensation is emerging with “The Masked Singer” because, to the surprise of many fans, the first unmasking took place before the start of season 9! Everything should have been completely different…

Just a few weeks ago, the current one was announced as the most secretive of all nine seasons. And now this! But what happened?

Who is the master of ceremonies?

The ringmaster was featured prominently in the first trailer for the current season. After all, he is the one who goes on a long journey to find all the masks from “The Masked Singer” and bring them to the big stage. Traces of the ring master could also be seen again and again in the research images of the first three mask worlds.

The presenter is unmasked – and there’s a familiar face under the mask

First unmasking before episode 1 of
First unmasking before episode 1 of “The Masked Singer”: Matthias Opdenhövel is the master of ceremonies!©ProSieben

But even though the ringmaster plays an important role. From today’s episode “Zervakis & Opdenhövel” it became clear: the ringmaster himself will not make the stages of season 9 unsafe. Instead, just after 10pm, Matthias Opdenhövel himself was seen to have slipped under the master of ceremonies’ mask to go in search of all the wonderful masks!

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You can see “The Masked Singer” starting November 18th at 8:15 pm on ProSieben and Joyn.

+++ Update, October 31, 2023 +++

The first three mask worlds at a glance!

A search image too
A search image for “The Masked Singer” 2023, in which there are some clues about a new mask.©ProSieben

Want to know which masks will be featured in the fall of “The Masked Singer”? So now we have the first clues for you. Can you decipher the clues and guess the mask?

+++ Original news +++

Papa Hedgehog and the Toaster: Do family and friends also dare to take the stage?

The toast in the semi-finals of
The toast in the semi-finals of “The Masked Singer” 2023.© ProSieben / Willi Weber

In season 8, Papa Hedgehog cheered on his little hedgehog from the stands. Could the strict father have enjoyed the colorful show and wanted to prove his talent himself? Who was hiding under the mask of Papa Hedgehog has not yet been revealed.

Accompanies toast with baguette and croissant?

Toast’s school friends were only seen in circumstantial evidence in season 8. After its inauguration, the Toast certainly had a lot to tell the baguette and the croissant about their performances. His best friend, the toaster, was even on stage with him. Did he like the spotlight?

Do these masks have a counterpart?

Some masks could have a counterpart who ventured onto the stage of “The Masked Singer” in season 9. After all, the heroine of season 5 can’t save the world alone: ​​is there a suitable hero? Cats also rarely get lost alone, but they can smell their fellow cats from miles away. Could a cat follow in the cat’s footsteps?

Angel on the left, devil on the right?

The angel caused a real surprise in the first season of “The Masked Singer”. However, there was still no demon. If some scary figures like Diamantula, werewolf or skeleton are also followed by the angel counterpart?

“The Masked Singer” 2023: Time for a new monster?

Several monsters are an integral part of “The Masked Singer” family. In the 1st season, the little monster not only moved the public, but also his colleague, the astronaut. In season 4, his son, the Monstronaut, had the chance to follow in his parents’ great footsteps.

A successor to Mülli Müller?

Audience favorite Mülli Müller even won in season 5 and returned in season 7 for duets with other masks. Is it time for a new mask from the monster family to venture onto the stage of “The Masked Singer”?

Which masks will actually appear in “The Masked Singer” Season 9 remains a secret for now.

But there are good chances that you will discover the first exclusive clues here at in the coming days and weeks.

By the way, rumors surrounding the advisory team are also in full swing. Who will pull your phone book this year?

You can see “The Masked Singer” 2023 starting Saturday, November 18th at 8:15 pm on ProSieben and Joyn.

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