Former businessman testifies to Ofarim

Former businessman testifies to Ofarim


November 16, 2023, 11:58 am

On the fifth day of the defamation trial against Gil Ofarim at the Leipzig Regional Court, the musician’s then manager and a television producer testified. You have no doubts about Ofarim’s representation. Today we also talk about the behavior of those involved in the lobby of the Westin Hotel in Leipzig. Here the digital forensics expert has his say again.

In the trial against Jewish musician Gil Ofarim for defamation and false suspicion, witnesses exonerated the Jewish musician. The witnesses are Ofarim’s former manager Yvonne P. and TV producer Nadine S. Yvonne P. said on Thursday before the Leipzig regional court that Ofarim was very upset in a phone call shortly after the controversial incident.

Ofarim told him on the phone that he had been insulted in an anti-Semitic manner, P. said in court. He asked her to organize another hotel for him. “I knew something bad had happened to him,” said the former manager. There has never been any incident with Ofarim before. He wasn’t the type to like airs and graces. Ofarim was always friendly and kept the doors open, “the old school guy,” said the 45-year-old.

Singer Gil Ofarim will have to answer for defamation and false suspicions before the Leipzig regional court.
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The manager informed that the incident should be resolved internally

When Ofarim called her from the hotel, Yvonne P. advised him not to make the situation public and to “clear it internally.” According to his own statement, the former businessman advised Ofarim not to publish the video. “But artists have to decide for themselves what to do,” she said, adding, “When I saw the video, I knew something was going to happen to us. I was in shock.”

When I saw the video, I knew something was going to happen to us. I was in shock.

Yvonne P. | former manager of Gil Ofarim

She told him he wasn’t allowed to make up anything about what happened. “I kept asking him if everything was true,” said Yvonne P. He always said yes. She has no doubts about Ofarim’s statements.

Yvonne P emphasized that she usually wears the necklace with the Star of David, also on October 4, 2021. Yvonne P said that she received photos of the television production recorded in which the star can be seen, in addition to never having seen Ofarim take off the necklace daytime.

Artistic management: The order situation was very good

Unlike many other artists, Gil Ofarim’s commission situation was very good even during the Corona period and before the incident, said the former manager. “We did a lot of TV shows, the schedule was packed, we were busy,” he emphasized. Furthermore, his autobiography, published a few months earlier, was on the bestseller list. After the incident, the order situation “went to practically zero,” said the former manager.

TV producer: There is no reason to doubt Ofarim

TV producer Nadine S. also exonerated Ofarim. She had already done a show with him at MDR on the day of the incident. The producer confirmed that Ofarim wore the Star of David necklace that day. Nadine S. can also remember exactly what he said on the phone. He told her that he had been insulted with anti-Semitic insults and that he should pack his star and that was why he did not want to stay at the hotel. “I had no reason to doubt what Mr. Ofarim told me,” Nadine S. said in court.

I had no reason to doubt what Mr. Ofarim told me.

Nadine S. | worked as a TV producer with Ofarim

Gil Ofarim stated in an Instagram video in October 2021 that he was the target of anti-Semitic insults in the lobby of the “Westin” hotel. The Public Prosecutor’s Office initially investigated a hotel manager, but later stopped the investigation. Ofarim must now face trial for alleged defamation, false suspicion and fraud.

Ofarim states that he had to remove the Star of David to be able to enter the hotel more quickly. The hotel employee objects. It’s one word against another.
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Verdict expected in December

More witnesses will be called on Thursday. Additionally, comments from a digital forensic expert are expected to continue. It is also about the behavior of those involved in the hotel lobby. A verdict is not expected before December 7.

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