Fynn Kliemann in style criticism: the eternal moderator Kika

Fynn Kliemann in style criticism: the eternal moderator Kika

The synonym “YouTuber” has really lost all its coolness. A few years ago the name was still an indication that fully digitally native to recognize and name trends before anyone else, the term is now synonymous with a certain type of young people who get stuck somewhere between social criticism, gaming, the climate movement, unboxing and chatter, rarely leaving the house, but still are constantly present in the media.

Of course, Fynn Kliemann also has a YouTube channel, which is how he became famous. But he is also a musician, artist, businessman and amusement park operator.

The thirty-something man, who champions fun ideas like his “Kliemannsland Project”, a kind of hippie village for young entrepreneurs, was considered an entrepreneur. Namely, when it became known that Kliemann and his business partner had marketed corona protection masks as being fairly produced, but that they were manufactured under sweatshop conditions in Asia. Defective masks were also donated to a refugee camp, for which moderator Jan Böhmermann accused businessman Kliemann and his partner in the “ZDF Magazin Royale” program.

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The Public Prosecutor’s Office’s investigation into fraud and unfair competition was interrupted; Kliemann agreed to pay a total of 20,000 euros to four non-profit organizations. His clean image suffered considerable damage a long time ago.

Notorious sweatshirt wearer

That was in March of this year, after which everything became quiet around the Lower Saxony native. Now, the famous sweatshirt wearer is back and is trying to make a comeback with the six-part YouTube series “Road to Bruno – Everything Can Be a Playground.” Bruno, the documentary’s namesake, is an 80-year-old man who began building a theme park by hand in the middle of a poplar forest in northern Italy 50 years ago. Today “Ai Pioppi” is made up of more than 40 attractions.

The enterprising and cute Fynn Kliemann

The enterprising and cute Fynn KliemannImage Alliance/DPA

Of course, it’s mainly about Fynn Kliemann himself, of course, he wants to take advantage of the journey to reconcile with his past and as a viewer you ask yourself, above all, why? Why would someone find themselves so interesting that they think you want to follow them in self-discovery? Why can’t a Fynn Kliemann abandon his public career at the end and do something else? Become a sweatshirt salesman, for example?

There’s something immature and uncomfortably self-centered about his forced path back into the spotlight. And that’s exactly how Kliemann is dressed; The 35-year-old always looks like a sincere rejection of growth: oversized sweatshirts, the inevitable knitted hat, baggy pants, Vans on his feet, sneakers for anyone who has seen at least one skateboard in their life.

In one of her latest Instagram clips, Kliemann drives through the courtyard of her “Kliemannsland” in a small pink jeep; cars will be able to be tested on site from November 18th. The whole thing has the character of an amusement park for men who never want to grow up; Kliemann laughs, the little pink jeep rattles around the yard and everything feels like one is trying to forget the rest of the world and its suffering, a Neverland ranch in Lower Saxony. It’s funny, but also terribly silly.

Hooded sweatshirt and knitted hat, the uniform for all men who don't want to grow up.

Hooded sweatshirt and knitted hat, the uniform for all men who don’t want to grow up.dpa

What’s remarkable about Fynn Kliemann is not his sloppy, sharp-looking clothing style, but the fact that behind the caps, sweatshirts and Hawaiian shirts buttoned up to the neck, there is a very resourceful businessman. Well, if his career as an influencer doesn’t work out anymore, Kliemann can always try being the host of Kika “Checker Flynn”. He already dresses the clothes for the target audience of 5 to 12 years old.

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