Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Dark in testing

There were just 540 days, or a year and a half, between the release of End of Dragons and Secrets of the Obscure – the two most recent expansions for Guild Wars 2. A complete change from the past, when players had to wait several years for new expansions. But to compensate there was “Living World”, mini-addons so to speak, divided into episodes and seasons. They were free when released, but had to be paid for later if you “missed out”. Now it’s over – more frequent smaller extensions with free post-launch updates. Secrets of the Obscure is the first content pack based on this system. Hence, we first wanted to wait and see what a post-launch update would bring in this new era.

“Lifting the Veil” on November 7, 2023 was the starting signal for us to review SotO. This was an important concern for us for a long time, because the new expansion represents a new beginning, not just in terms of the payment model. The game’s story and world also leave behind ten years of dragon hunting.

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