Heino and Hannelore have been inseparable for 44 years: their love in photos

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Heino has achieved countless successes as a pop star, but his private life has also been going brilliantly for decades – thanks to Hannelore, the love of his life. The Austrian died at the age of 81.

01/24The beginning of a happy marriage: folk singer Heino puts the ring on his fiancée Hannelore von Auersperg’s finger during the civil wedding at the town hall © Horst Ossinger/dpa
Heino and Hannelore
02/24The bride and groom are radiant: a photo of Heino with his 1980 Hannelore, one year after the wedding © United Archives/Imago
Heino and Hannelore: Heino and his wife Hannelore in a riding arena, Germany circa 1981
03/24Heino and Hannelore also shared their love of horses from the beginning © United Archives/Imago
German pop musician and singer Heino and his wife Hannelore attend the traditional Mzumba show at Heia Safari Ranch, near Cape Town
04/24The two were also excited about distant countries and other cultures from an early age – such as in 1982, when Heino and Hannelore attended the traditional Mzumba show together at the Heia Safari Ranch, near Cape Town (South Africa) © United Archives/Imago
Heino and Hannelore in performance on June 10, 1985
05/24Not only does Heino stand out as a pop singer, Hannelore was also born with a passion for music © Horst Galuschka/Imago
Siegfried Fischbacher (left) and Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn (2nd from right, Siegfried & Roy) with Heino and Hannelore
06/24The couple also maintained excellent relationships with other celebrities – like here with the magic duo Siegfried and Roy © Dieter Bauer/Imago
Heino and Hannelore and in between Mike Krüger in the TV show Welcome to Heino and Hannelore
07/24In 1990 the two appeared in the short-lived TV show “Welcome to Heino and Hannelore” (here with comedian Mike Krüger) on the regional evening program ARD © Horst Galuschka/Imago
Singer Heino with his wife Hannelore
08/24A true family idyll: Heino and Hannelore with their dog by the lake © APress/Imago
Opera Ball Frankfurt 1994 Singer Heino with his wife Hannelore at the Frankfurt Opera Ball, Germany 1994
09/24And the couple also shined constantly in the spotlight – like here at the Frankfurt Opera Ball in 1994 © United Archives/Imago
German singer Heino was appointed honorary pastry chef in Cologne in 1999
10/24When Heino was appointed honorary pastry chef in Cologne in 1999, Hannelore was as proud as Oskar © Hermann J. Knippertz/Imago
Heino and Hannelore try a Heino hazelnut cake on Monday, October 13, 2003 at the Anuga food fair in Cologne.
11/24And since the way to the heart is through the stomach, the two ran the Heino town hall café on the market square in Bad Münstereifel from 1996 to 2012 © Hermann J. Knippertz/Imago
Welcome to Carmen Nebel IMAGO./Gentzel, December 4, 2004, topic: Recording of the Eurovision program Welcome to Carmen Nebel in Erfurt
12/24Hannelore also accompanied her Heino in “Welcome to Carmen Nebel” (here: 2004 edition) © Eventpress/Imago
Singer Heino and his wife Hannelore Kramm (both from Germany) reunite on the occasion of the television program ARD HEINO - THE SHOW on the 50th anniversary of the stage in Leipzig's Media City
24/13In 2005, they celebrated the pop star’s 50th birthday together on “Heino – The Show” (ARD) © Scherf/Imago
Leipzig Heino with Hannelore and Florian Silbereisen at the awards ceremony
14/24While the next generation, like Florian Silbereisen, gradually took control of the hit industry, Heino remained in the music business – and remains loyal to this day! © Mauersberger/Imago
Hannelore and Heino
15/24Even in difficult times, the couple remained united, as in 2005, at the funeral of their friend Franz Antel © Skata/Imago
Heino and Hannelore
16/24The years pass – but Heino’s love for Hannelore endures © Eventpress/Imago
Heino and Hannelore Kramm - Oktoberfest at Schottenhamel in Munich
17/24In 2010, the two celebrated wildly at Munich’s Oktoberfest © APress/Imago
Pop singer Heino Kramm and his wife Hannelore Auersperg at the Schottenhamel Festelt at Oktoberfest
18/24And in 2012, Heino and Hannelore didn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate at the biggest folk festival in the world – and once again publicly express their love © Eventpress/Imago
Heino with his wife Hannelore at the 2014 LEA Live Entertainment Award
19/24This is what constant support looks like: Hannelore with her Heino after he tried his luck in rock in 2014 © Future Image/Imago
Heino with his wife Hannelore at the smago awards ceremony!  2015 Award at the Mercure Hotel
20/24And another kiss for Heino: The pop star celebrated receiving the coveted Smago award! in 2015 © Future Image/Imago
    Heino and Hannelore Kramm / Germany's Next Top Model Finale by Heidi Klum
21/24The two have never been afraid of publicity: in 2018, Heino and Hannelore even watched the live final of “Germany’s Next Top Model” together © VISTAPRESS/Imago
Hannelore and Heino kiss after receiving the lifetime achievement award during the Schlagerchampions broadcast
22/24Love can be so beautiful: Heino was honored for his life’s work at the “Schlagerchampions” in 2019 – as a reward he received a kiss from Hannelore © Jan Huebner/Imago
Heino and his wife Hannelore Kramm celebrate Heino's 83rd birthday
23/24On his 83rd birthday, Heino had champagne and cake – of course not without his Hannelore © Baganz Agency/Imago
Musician HEINO with partner Hannelore KRAMM red carpet for Bertelsmann Party 2019
24/24Then, in November 2023, the hard blow of fate: Hannelore dies at the age of 81 – may she rest in peace… © Sven Simon/Imago

Kitzbühel – Pop and folk music star Heino (84) has been married to his Hannelore (81) for 44 years. However, the two have known each other for longer: the “Blau blumen der Gentian” singer met his future wife at a Miss Austria pageant in Kitzbühel in 1972 – the beginning of a unique love story that lasted decades. The prominent couple is still loyal to each other. And that was until the end: on November 15, 2023, it was announced that Hannelore had died at the age of 81.

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