“I did not forget you”

Streamer MontanaBlack is planning a Christmas event on Twitch, and in the spirit of the holiday season, he’s giving a content creator a gift that many people no longer have on their radar: the first person he invites is CommanderWarrior (44), who has been in recent years. He had a hard time staying relevant for years.

What type of event is this?

  • Germany’s most famous political commentator and Twitch streamer, MontanaBlack, is planning for December 17th. a Christmas event he will stream on Twitch.
  • He wants to invite more than 100 German content creators and spend time with them on a 300-meter-long rented ski slope.
  • The idea is that everyone can do what they want there, broadcast or produce content on their own. There should be sledding and skiing. Then we get together and do Secret Santa together. This should last a few hours: an event to do something together. Because at the end of the day you are one big family and share the same interests.

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MontanaBlack wants to give back

That was the special invitation: First, MontanaBlack personally invited CommanderWarrior. He’s a “fucking OG legend.”

Because many may have forgotten you, but I have not forgotten you.

MontanaBlack explained that you can only invite big, relevant streamers to some events because you need to justify the production effort to your team, but that doesn’t matter for the ski event. He wanted to invite Commanderkrieger “to give something back.” Because Commanderkrieger invited him to participate in his fan meeting in 2014. Now the circle would close.

If MontanaBlack has the opportunity to reciprocate, Commanderkrieger would be the first person he would invite.

How did the guest react? Commander Krieger was moved to tears, had to keep looking into his eyes and was visibly stuck on his words.

Many fans also took the opportunity to tell Commanderkrieger how much they appreciate him and how great they think he is being recognized here in his YouTube video, which now has 114,000 views.

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This is what’s behind it: This is a rather bitter story. Because on the German Internet, Commanderkrieger is seen as an example of someone who was once great but who has lost a large part of his audience over the years – similar to Ninja in the US, whose star fell significantly after the Fortnite hype.

Commanderkrieger’s sayings and jokes are similar to those of Twitch streamer ChefStrobel. It serves as a standing joke for jokes that have somehow taken on a life of their own that are no longer about the person but have already become a meme.

Commanderkrieger was already – as MontanaBlack says – present at the origins of German YouTube, around 11 years ago, and was very successful there

  • Some of his videos from 2012 have reached around 1 million views.
  • Even before 2017, at least the 100 thousand were always there.
  • But the videos in recent weeks only reached numbers in the range between 2,000 and 5,000 views.

The 110,000 views Commanderkrieger now has after being invited by MontanaBlack is his biggest achievement in about 2 years.

MontanaBlack seems to appreciate the Steramers of old, but probably has little use for many current streamers on German Twitch:

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