Laura Wontorra starts frivolous conversation about erection

Laura Wontorra starts frivolous conversation about erection

At the end of the season

At the end of the season of “Grill den Henssler” there are frivolous sayings.Image: Vox screenshot


Charlotte Zinco

For the last time this year, Steffen Henssler faces off with three celebrities in the kitchen in the November 12 issue. Before “Grill den Henssler” took a break for several months, his friend, racing presenter Sidney Hoffmann, comedian Guido Cantz and all-purpose gun Evelyn Burdecki competed against Henssler.

Burdecki, in particular, had a lot of fun in the kitchen. And in the truest sense of the word. Less than a quarter of a minute after cooking, she had already dismantled the first appliance. After Cantz rushed to help and set up the potato press again, Burdecki clattered several metal bowls to the floor. She justified herself by saying that she was “completely nervous”. “It’s a good thing today is the last show, then you can throw the kitchen in the trash,” commented Henssler from a safe distance.

Steffen Henssler has compassion

In fact, Burdecki had to prepare the dessert: Schupfnudeln with poppy seeds, vanilla sauce and plum roaster – or as she herself announced: “Schropfnudeln”. Out of pity for his cooking coach, newcomer Marcello Fabbri, Henssler exceptionally allowed him to help in the kitchen for a minute in the middle of the preparation process. So in the end, Burdecki managed to get his creation to the jury table at the last second.

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When it was time to serve, she made a big splash of vanilla sauce on the front of the counters. Of course she cleaned it herself. In the end, Burdecki narrowly lost the round to Henssler, despite all his efforts. While she received 23 points, the professional received 26 from the jury.

Evelyn Burdecki is going through difficult times.

Evelyn Burdecki is going through difficult times.Image: Vox screenshot

Laura Wontorra attacks Steffen Henssler

In the meantime, Henssler lost sympathy points with presenter Laura Wontorra. A cheeky comment from the chef on Sunday night went so far that she attacked him with her moderation cards. The trigger was – how could it be otherwise – Burdecki. In a game called “Ice Jumping”, the objective was to throw an ice cube into a deep dish so that it slides out of it like a ski jump into a glass.

To get the best possible view of the angle, Burdecki knelt in front of the gaming table when it was his turn. “So the position is basically not bad, but whether it is suitable for this now, I will leave it to be seen.”, commented Henssler cheekily. And so he had to protect himself from Wontorra’s letters.

Small talk about potato ricers

Finally, she herself made a lot of contributions when it came to small talk. The next game was to turn the potato ricer upside down as quickly as possible. However, one of Burdecki’s compactors kept falling, so Henssler won the round. “At first it wasn’t there,” the candidate complained.

“Mrs Wontorra managed to make it stop,” replied the presenter, who tried it herself to make sure the rape wasn’t broken. “I couldn’t make him stop,” Burdecki continued the conversation. “Sometimes it’s like that, what can I say!” Wontorra explained. Comedian Cantz noted:

“The squeezer likes brunettes.”

“Grill den Henssler” says goodbye during the break.Image: Vox screenshot

Meanwhile, Wontorra gave his own explanation for Henssler’s victory in the game round: “Steffen might just mess up,” the moderator said. To be sure, Cantz made it clear that he could not judge this. Good dishes and skill in the game rounds: In the end, there were several factors that brought Henssler victory. He only had to admit defeat on Sunday in the improv equipment and in one of the three games.

He entered the show’s intermission as the winner with an impressive score of 105 to 91.

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