MW3 Update – Patch with weapon nerfs and more than 100 changes

MW3 Update – Patch with weapon nerfs and more than 100 changes

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare changes more than 100 things in its first update. The most important patch notes for weapons and moves in the new update in German.

Hamburg – MW3 is finally here and Call of Duty is immediately releasing pages of patch notes. At the time of release, a new update changed a lot from the beta or revised weapons. Snipers, LMGs, and ARs are deadlier, but some weapons have been heavily nerfed. Audio and movement were also worked on.

MW3 Launch Update – Patch Notes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in German

New update for MW3: The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has already started, in Germany you can film from late at night or in the early hours of November 10th, depending on the platform. As usual, there is a Day 1 patch. The CoD developers have published lengthy patch notes.

Here we only show the most important changes or changelogs that you should know about multiplayer. Of course, there are also nerfs to weapons from the beta that are very powerful:

  • Visibility: Player names above their heads are now outlined, so you can see enemies better

    The current streak is now displayed for each kill in the match – there is more information on the scoreboard
  • Generates: There are new spawn points on almost every map – the spawns in High Rise, Estate and Favela should be safer
  • Audio: Sounds caused by footsteps should now be easier to distinguish between enemies and teammates
  • New configuration: Double-pressing the aim button can now activate tactical stance (tactical stance is the new stance between aiming and firing from the hip) – must be set
  • Movement: Running while sliding now cancels the sliding animation.

    The short penalty for aiming weapons while jumping has been reduced by 20%.

Best MW3 weapons – nerfs and buffs in launch update

Weapon changes: Weapons that already dominated the MW3 beta received some severe nerfs in the launch version of the new CoD. Although many “OP weapons” are now weaker, there are also some buffs, i.e. reinforcements.

MW3: Sniper in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Snipers become deadlier in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in launch update © Activision

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Assault rifles, LMGs, and sniper rifles are receiving projectile difficulty improvements in almost all areas. The hardest nerfs are for the Striker SMG, which will receive even more nerfs after the beta, and almost all pistols. Here are the most important weapon changes in German:

  • SVA 545 (assault rifle) – Buff: Bullet speed (+19%), rate of fire (+8%) and slightly improved melee damage
  • MTZ-556 (assault rifle) – Buff: Improved bullet speed (+18%), damage range (+17%)
  • MCW (assault rifle) – Buff: Bullet speed (+18%); Nerf: increased recoil for continuous fire, reduced minimum damage (-13%)
  • Striker (machine gun) – Nerf: Reduced damage in all areas (between -5% to -18%), slower aiming time (-4%)
  • Holger 26 (machine gun) – Buff: Increased bullet speed (+13%)
  • Pulemyot 762 (machine gun) – Buff: Increased bullet speed (+16%); Nerf: Damage range reduced (-4%)
  • MTZ interceptor (sniper rifle) – Buff: Increased bullet speed (+15%), faster aiming time (-20%)
  • MCW 6.8 (sniper rifle) – Buff: Increased bullet speed (+12%), faster aiming time (-6%)
  • Longbow (sniper rifle) – Buff: Increased bullet speed (+13%); Nerf: more recoil when hit (+18%)
  • KV inhibitor (sniper rifle) – Buff: Increased bullet speed (+5%); Nerf: more recoil when hit (+18%)
  • Pistols: Reduced damage and range
  • Full MW3 Patch Notes on Activision

Why do we say “nerf” and “buff”?

When an update weakens a weapon or class in a video game, we are talking about a Nerf. This is supposed to come from Nerf guns, the toy guns, which only fire harmless foam material. A Buff On the other hand, something reinforces something that comes from the English word “to buff”, which means something like “to polish up” in German.

Download MW3 day 1 patch? For most CoD players, the changes will have already been made with the massive download in preparation for MW3. So you don’t necessarily need to load up another 100GB and postpone today’s planned gaming session until launch. If you have to download the day 1 patch for MW3 separately, you don’t have to worry about such a large download.

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