Naomi impresses her “The Voice” coaches with her Tokio Hotel song

Naomi impresses her “The Voice” coaches with her Tokio Hotel song

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In addition to music, Naomi is passionate about coaching youth handball teams. She always wants to be a role model for her charges. She participates in “The Voice of Germany” 2023 to show them and herself that you should stick to your dreams. With “Don’t Jump” by Tokio Hotel she wants to stay in the spotlight for the live shows.

+++ Update, November 17, 2023 +++

For Bill and Tom, losing is not an option

In the second round of team fights, it’s Bill and Tom Kaulitz’s turn to send their second talent into the race. The Kaulitz brothers are sure that Naomi will be in the spotlight with her performance.

“Losing Naomi would be an absolute disaster,” says Tom. For Bill, “The Voice of Germany” would be meaningless without such a talented musician in the semi-finals. “Naomi goes deep inside me, sits there and pushes all my buttons,” he explains. The coach announced that he would leave if the 19-year-old did not advance. The three agree to challenge Laura from Team Giovanni.

Naomi moves Bill and Tom with her music

The twins thought of something special for the student’s performance in the teamfight: she should sing the Tokio Hotel hit “Don’t jump”. His strong emotions immediately come to the surface during the performance. At the same time, she sings moving verses with a powerful voice and soul, inspiring the entire hall. As the final notes fade, the talent sheds tears on stage. Bill and Tom run to her and hug Naomi tightly.

After the public voted, the Kaulitz brothers ensured the 19-year-old had a strong vocal performance and were impressed with her performance of the song.

It’s a great honor for us. […] We are incredibly proud of you.

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Tom Kaulitz

Only one can take the spotlight: Naomi or Laura. The majority voted for the handball coach. Laura, 23 years old, faces this with dignity. “Naomi was super strong. She made the place shake. I’m happy to make room for someone like Naomi,” she says as she says goodbye. Even Giovanni’s counterattack with the Impulso Tenors later comes to nothing, and Naomi finally advances to the semi-finals of “The Voice”.

These talents are also in the semifinals. Rapper Ezo, winner of “The Voice Rap by CUPRA”, is also present.

“The Voice of Germany” now airs every Friday on SAT.1 and Joyn at 8:15 pm. Here you can find an overview of all broadcast times.

+++ Update, November 2, 2023 +++

Naomi cannot be part of the coaching

Naomi can’t be there to coach Bill and Tom Kaulitz because there’s a special event happening at the same time: her senior prom. Your trainers Bill and Tom understand and practice perfectly with your battle partner Max.

Naomi arrives for battle shortly after her senior prom. But her talent is convinced that this doesn’t put her at a disadvantage compared to Max. And they both really give a wonderful performance. After the performance of “Weinst du”, the two talents are very happy and fall into each other’s arms. “Goosebumps,” say Bill and Tom.

Shirin David has mixed feelings: she thought Naomi didn’t “shine” enough in the song. Tom Kaulitz agrees with the coach, but can hear Naomi’s special voice. The decision is not an easy one for the coaches in the double chair. Although the song suited Max particularly well, the Kaulitz brothers decide to give Naomi another chance and go to the next round with the 19-year-old.

Blind talent auditions


Naomi: A role model for all young dreamers

In addition to her passion for music, Naomi coaches women’s and men’s youth handball teams. It is not only important for her to train her charges to be good athletes, but also that they treat each other well. “I’m committed to making sure everyone feels comfortable and no one is excluded,” she explains. She doesn’t forget her role as a role model as a coach on “The Voice” stage.

I’m on ‘The Voice of Germany’ because I want to show my youth teams and myself that you should stick to your dreams.

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Unforgettable moment: video message from Johannes Oerding

Naomi sings “Forever from Now” by Johannes Oerding. Melissa Khalaj has a special surprise for the talent: a personal video message from the singer. In this, Johannes Oerding explains that music is about moments you should keep. “I wish you a special moment at the blind audition,” he tells her. Naomi can’t believe her luck and is beaming.

Naomi is completely in her own world during the performance

Naomi enters the stage with her guitar. She closes her eyes and the music starts. She sings the ballad emotionally. Ronan is immediately interested and hopes the 19-year-old shows a little more of her talent. In the song’s chorus, Ronan and Giovanni’s doorbells ring. Bill is also impressed by Naomi’s voice. “I want it too”, decides the coach. “Do that if you want,” Tom responds and Bill cheers with the last note.

Only after finishing the song does Naomi open her eyes again. The student can’t believe that three coaches turned around. “Yes, yes!” she shouts and is happy with all her heart.

The voice is so special. It’s so special.

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Bill Kaulitz

Bill is surprised by Naomi’s voice. Even though the coach can’t fully describe what it was, the talent’s song touched him a lot. The 19-year-old introduces herself and explains the important role music plays in her family. “When someone starts singing, a triad immediately emerges,” she describes. The talent can continue to live out their love of music in their band and at weddings.

Ronan can’t stop talking. The coach praises Naomi’s unique voice – the atmosphere she created, her personality and her attitude. “You are a diamond”, he concludes.

Naomi makes the trainers fight for her

Giovanni and Tom join in the praise from the other coaches. A competition begins between them, which Naomi further inflames with a question:

What can you offer me that another coach can’t offer me?

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Naomi Mbiyeya

The student receives direct encouragement from Shirin for this clever question. Coaches want to outdo each other and try to outdo each other – a back-and-forth argument: fun versus hard work. Naomi mentions that her sister has a clear favorite. The coaches immediately contact the family member. Since Naomi has such a strong voice and so much power, her sister is sure: “It has to be the twins.”

Decision time for Naomi

However, it remains unclear whether the 19-year-old shares this opinion. Naomi visibly has difficulty with the decision and ultimately trusts her instinct. “Sorry, Ronan, sorry, Giovanni, I’m going to Bill and Tom,” she announces. The Kaulitz brothers are extremely happy with Naomi’s decision. Your team grows to 13 talents. Bill has already decided which song the student should sing in the next round. Until then, this song selection remains secret. Ronan also doesn’t take anything away from his brothers. Only one thing is certain: “You will be surprised,” promises Tom.

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