New survival game on Steam looks good Valheim, starts closed beta – here’s how to participate

A closed beta will begin soon for an upcoming survival game in which you will live the dangerous life of a Viking. We’ll show you how to sign up for the test.

What kind of game is this? The game is called ASKA and it is a survival game on Steam that up to 4 players can play together. ASKA plays in a Viking setting where you have to build your own village and command the villagers.

You also travel with your Viking ship through a procedurally generated world and collect resources to prepare your village for an approaching winter threat.

On November 23rd, ASKA will begin a closed beta, which you can register for via the developers’ Discord server.

ASKA is developed by sand Sailor Studio. You can see a trailer for the survival game here:

ASKA: The trailer for the new Viking survival game on Steam

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Viking-focused survival game

What does ASKA offer in terms of gameplay? ASKA is about the life of a Viking. This includes everyday, genre-typical tasks such as hunting and fishing, gathering resources, and crafting items. Additionally, you can build houses, workshops, farms and castles, as well as defensive structures.

Of course, the life of a true Viking also includes traveling to distant lands, which is why you can pilot your own Viking ship in ASKA. This should also be changeable individually. The game’s Discord server also says that you can transform into a crow and explore the map by flying.

Once you arrive in a new country, you can build outposts and supply lines that supply your settlements with resources. You can also assign various tasks to villagers in your settlements so that they support your tribe. You can also tame wolves and make them your loyal companions.

Your survival in ASKA is made difficult by a dynamic weather system with different seasons and mystical opponents. To still have a chance, you can learn skills and powers. It is also possible to perform combinations of attacks with different melee weapons and use a bow or dodge enemy attacks.

ASKA: Closed Beta in November – This is how you participate

When does ASKA beta start? The ASKA closed beta begins on November 23, 2023 and ends on the following December 3.

Important: Registration for the closed beta ends on November 21st at 00:00!

How do I participate in the beta? To participate in the ASKA closed beta, you must join the game’s official Discord server. Then you have to do some short steps like accepting the rules and then you can open the channel closed beta to see. On the channel you will find a link to a form that you must also fill out.

For example, the form asks about your favorite games and genres, but also whether you want to play ASKA alone or with friends. In this case, you can enter the emails of friends who can also be invited.

However, once you complete registration, you have no guarantee that you will actually participate in the closed beta. Through the forms, the developers themselves decide who receives the invitation. If you are selected for the closed beta, you will receive a code via email.

To participate in the closed beta, you must also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which in turn requires you to be over 18 years old. Recording and broadcasting games is also prohibited.

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