Oliver Pocher causes unpleasant moments alongside Amira

Oliver Pocher causes unpleasant moments alongside Amira

Who will be a millionaire?

Amira Pocher and Oliver Pocher during their appearance in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.

Amira and Oliver Pocher appeared as a duo in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” at the.Image: RTL/Stefan Gregorowius


Christian Stuwe

Comedian and cabaret artist Torsten Sträter was on the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Celebrity Special” panel on Thursday night, when Günther Jauch talked about which celebrities have made the most money from his show over the years. Anke Engelke is at the top, said the moderator, followed by Oliver Pocher.

“They say there is luck in gambling…”, Pocher intervened, who was waiting his turn with his wife Amira, and made a dramatic gesture. He did not mention “bad luck in love”, but then added that in his current situation he probably should have come to the three million euro show. A murmur went through the audience, the camera panned to Amira Pocher, who grimaced, took a deep breath and then laughed painfully.

“You can do self-irony or not,” Sträter noted appreciatively. “You may or may not sign a divorce agreement,” Pocher added. Of course, during the celebrity edition of the RTL quiz show, all eyes were on the still-married couple, who have been waging a war of the roses for weeks that has made headlines with mutual accusations in public.

The issue of separation could perhaps have been handled discreetly so as not to add fuel to the fire. But it quickly became clear that the comedian and artist had no interest in that.

However, it must be said that the show was recorded in mid-October, when the Pochers were already separated, but still on friendly terms. The relationship is now extremely strained after rumors about Amira surfaced. Oliver can’t resist attacking his ex at the moment.

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Oliver and Amira Pocher are competing as a community of convenience

However, it could not be forgotten that the relationship between the two was already broken when the celebrity specials were recorded. Amira seemed a little too excited and affected, Oliver Pocher tried to deal with the situation with humor and sarcasm.

The still-married couple made no secret of the fact that they competed as a community of convenience. In fact, only Amira was invited to the show, but she didn’t dare go alone, she said. So she asked her ex if he would support her with testing.

“Does he help with anything now, in these conditions?” asked Jauch, who never missed an opportunity to provoke. “I hope so!” Amira replied. “That was very well put,” Oliver interjected, pulling a rather long face. This continued throughout the night. “You are stubborn, I am stubborn,” said Amira when the two were unable to reach an agreement on the issue of 8,000 euros. “Is that possible…” Jauch started a sentence, which Oliver ended with “the reason for the divorce.”

When Amira tended to give the wrong answer to the 16,000 euro question, Jauch advised using the public wildcard. At least six percent of the public voted for the wrong solution that Amira considered. “Oh, she looks good, so I accept that too,” Oliver Pocher imitated the audience, who had chosen the wrong answer.

Oliver Pocher pays Amira a poisoned compliment

Which brought Jauch back into the picture. It’s rare to hear such praise in divorce discussions, he said. “In terms of appearance, there is nothing to blame her for,” said Pocher, a poisoned compliment that once again caused a murmur in the audience. Amira responded with a sour look. Jauch, who was in a great mood, quickly said:

“Now I have to do mediation here. I’m as good as a hedgehog at wiping my ass.”

But the dispute did not stop the Pochers from playing quite successfully. For 125,000 euros, Jauch was looking for a German national team player who hadn’t resigned after the 2014 World Cup final. Oliver knew the right answer (Bastian Schweinsteiger) immediately. “He’s still happy with Ana Ivanovic, things are going really well for him,” the comedian added. But the saying seemed to actually come true; the unfortunate couple was lucky and was allowed to resolve the issue of 500 thousand euros:

What was the first planet where a man-made probe successfully landed?

A: Venus
B: Mercury
W: Mars
D: moon

The phone joker knows the answer, but the Pochers don’t play

The Pochers called Amira’s brother, Ibrahim Aly. “I think there was something with Venus or something like that 50 years ago,” said the joker on the phone at the last minute. While Amira wanted to play, Oliver insisted on stopping with 125 thousand euros. He offered his wife that they could pay the difference out of pocket if it came back to 500 euros. “I’m single, I need the money,” Amira replied bitterly.

But Venus would actually have been the right solution. And so what was probably the Pochers’ last appearance together ended with disappointment on the one hand, but the biggest victory of the night on the other. While the Pochers raised 125,000 euros for children affected by poverty as part of the “RTL 2023 donation marathon”, Sträter, former Bundesliga coach Reiner Calmund and pop singer Sasha each contributed 64,000 euros.

The end result was that in the end it was 317,000 euros for the good cause and a memorable performance by the quarrelsome Pochers.

There are only a few shows on German TV that contain as much potential for conflict and drama as “Sommerhaus der Stars.” The RTL program has already provided some memorable TV moments. However, not in a positive sense.

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