Penetra from Regensburg – Yildiz shines against DFB team

From: November 19, 2023, 1:18 pm

Kenan Yildiz stole the spotlight in Türkiye’s victory over Germany. His dream goal hits the national team particularly hard, and not just because the Regensburg native was trained at FC Bayern. DFB President Bernd Neuendorf feels obliged to support the national coach for the first time and surprises with the announcement of the European Championship final.

In the biggest moment of his young football career so far, Kenan Yildiz seemingly remembered his idol Alessandro Del Piero. After his dream goal in Turkey’s 3-2 victory over the DFB side, the Turkish teenager stuck out his tongue and opened his arms to celebrate – just like the great Italian always did.

Like Del Piero once, Yildiz won the hearts of the German team during the shock home defeat in Berlin. His wonderful five-point corner kick reminded some observers of Del Piero’s goal to make it 2-0 to Italy in the 2006 World Cup semi-final that ended Germany’s World Cup celebration. With his classy goal, young Turk Yildiz played a significant role in the fact that the spirit of optimism under new national coach Julian Nagelsmann suffered a serious early setback.

Born in Regensburg, better prospects in Türkiye

“I am really happy”, said Yildiz, proudly sharing the video of his “cool” goal on Instagram with three raised index finger emojis. “I would like to thank everyone for their trust in the association”, the 18-year-old added. Yildiz was born in Regensburg and has a German mother and Turkish father. Former Turkish national team coach Stefan Kuntz said from the beginning that his loyalty was to his father’s country. Especially since Turkey used to attract the A team with the prospect. “That’s hard to beat” said Kuntz and also dismissed speculation that German youth teams had not put enough effort into the two-footed attacking talent: “I would be careful to say: ‘The DFB is sleeping here.'”

Yildiz trained at FC Bayern for ten years

Yildiz trained with FC Bayern’s youth team for ten years. The question of why the record champions let an exceptional talent like Yildiz slip away seems all the more justified. “RTL” expert Lothar Matthäus then used this model for one of his attacks on the management of the Munich club: “Hasan Salihamidzic may not have done the job one or the other would have done.”

The then sporting director Salihamidzic explained Yildiz’s move to Juventus last year with its “financial demands” that the Munich team did not want to “meet”. Juventus, explained Kuntz, former Turkey coach, presented Yildiz with “the perfect career plan”. He has already joined the professionals through the Under-19s and second team, but has made just five short appearances for them this season. “I am sure”said coach Massimiliano Allegri, “That he will be a wonderful, top-class player.

For the German team, Yildiz’s goal, after a quick exchange and a determined attack, revealed the continued lack of basic defensive stability. Julian Nagelsmann then had to explain some unexpected defensive changes – and went on the counterattack. “Now we can start painting everything black again and see everything in a bad way. We can do this, but we will go no further as a football nation.

Neuendorf announces European Championship final: “Full confidence” in Nagelsmann

DFB President Bernd Neuendorf felt obliged to support the national coach for the first time after three games. “We often find ourselves in a toxic situation, saying bad things about everything, and this was not it”, the DFB president defended Nagelsmann’s direction on “Bild TV”. Neuendorf made it clear that he has complete confidence in the national coach.

Neuendorf avoided further sporting assessments, but surprised with a clear announcement of the final as the target for the European Championship. A forward flight as a diversionary tactic? In any case, the DFB team may also have to deal with the strong Turks and Kenan Yilmaz at the European Championships.

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