Preview of the Seeds of Renewal content update

Preview of the Seeds of Renewal content update

WoW patch 10.2 is only a few days old, but developers are already looking to the horizon, where the outlines of upcoming content updates are emerging from the shadows. And there is even concrete information! On the official World of Warcraft website, the WoW Team has now introduced the upcoming 10.2.5 content update called Seeds of Renewal. Enjoy global dragon rides, the Azeroth Archives, Followers’ Dungeons, and more.

The next update for Dragonflight: Seeds of Renewal is under development. Here, defenders of the Dragon Isles will have the opportunity to discover the buried history of Azeroth and the Dragon Isles through the Archives of Azeroth public event, take to the skies of the Old World continents while riding dragons, and tackle Dragonflight dungeons alongside side of NPCs. companions, completing additional campaign chapters as the Dragon Isles Epilogue continues, and much more!

WoW: Guardians of the Dream launch trailer gets you in the mood for patch 10.2

Dragon riding available worldwide

In the saddle of your dragon, the skies of Azeroth and beyond will be yours. In Dragonflight: Seeds of Renewal, dragon riding is expanded to all old world continents, where flying is also possible.

The Archives of Azeroth

Discover the history of the Dragon Islands and meet unique characters, hear stories from the past and experience the iconography of times gone by. Participate in individual and group activities at the Betrayer’s Resting Place and, in addition to a weekly public event, receive plenty of opportunities to explore and earn rewards like battle pets, mounts, and a transmog set.

WoW patch 10.2.5: Here you can see the features of the Seeds of Renewal update.

WoW patch 10.2.5: Here you can see the features of the Seeds of Renewal update.
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The Reconquest of Gilneas

King Greymane is ready to retake his kingdom, but Gilneas is not as deserted as expected. May she help recover what was once lost and return the kingdom to Gilnean hands.

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