Schweinsteiger presents award, then world champion coach suffers accident

Schweinsteiger presents award, then world champion coach suffers accident

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Gordon Herbert accepted Sports Bambi as his basketball heroes. But there was still an enemy to be defeated: the microphone.

Munich – A Bambi for the German basketball team – completely deserved! But, unlike what happens on the courts, things don’t always go well at awards events. Coach Gordon Herbert accepted the award in the sports category in Munich on behalf of his team, who sensationally won the world championship title in 2023.

Bambi 2023: National basketball coach Gordon Herbert drops the microphone

The praise for the basketball players was made by former national footballer and world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger and his wife, former tennis player Ana Jovanovic. When the two finished praising, they left the microphone to Herbert. But this was suddenly broken!

Bastian Schweinsteiger helped Gordon Herbert with the microphone.
Bastian Schweinsteiger helped Gordon Herbert with the microphone. © Screenshot from Saturday.1

“Please,” Schweinsteiger said politely and pointed to the lectern. Herbert bravely took the microphone to turn it up for his acceptance speech. Maybe a little too bold, because through the speakers you could clearly hear it booming.

Bambi 2023: Bastian Schweinsteiger gives laudatory speech and microphone

Herbert, like his men at the World Cup, was unfazed, grabbed the device and pulled it out of place to hold it during his speech. The result was laughter from the audience at the practical gesture, and Schweinsteiger promptly saw an opportunity to rush to help under his wife’s smile: “I can handle it,” he said, in German: “I can handle it.” microphone stand for success coach. Ultimately, a replacement microphone was arranged – even a matching gold one.

The triumph of the national basketball team in tournaments in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines was one of the sensations of the sporting year. It was the first title for underdog Germany. Herbert has coached the team since 2021. Former footballer Schweinsteiger achieved his greatest success in Brazil in 2014.

Dennis Schröder sends Bambi video message to basketball world champions

National team captain Dennis Schröder sent a video message. “Unfortunately I can’t be there. But Gordon Herbert is at the start,” said the Toronto Raptors NBA pro, who reported from Canada and, like Herbert, held a golden deer in his hand. “It’s a great honor for us to win Bambi.” Schröder was grateful for the great support at the World Cup: “We felt the euphoria in Manila and Okinawa.” According to Herbert, the team proved what was possible, “when a group of individuals works as a team”, emphasized the Canadian.

“With incredible energy, with passion for the game and the will to fight, but also through fair play and a very special team spirit, the German men’s basketball team won the hearts of people all over the world,” said the jury . said in its statement: “Basketball is suddenly becoming a popular sport again and experiencing a renaissance like in Dirk Nowitzki’s heyday.”

After a four-year break, the 75th anniversary media award was again awarded by Hubert Burda Media. According to Burda, Bambi has “honored personalities since 1948 who particularly touch Germany, achieve notable achievements and are role models for the people in Germany.” (cgsc with sid)

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