Selection: Sandro Wagner’s trajectory “very surprising”

Selection: Sandro Wagner’s trajectory “very surprising”

Serge Gnabry and Leon Goretzka did not have an easy life. Both are returning from injuries and things are not going well for Gnabry in particular. Even so, Bayern’s stars were nominated for the national team by coach Julian Nagelsmann.

Before the international game against Turkey on Saturday (from 8:45 pm on LIVETICKER), the national players spoke about their physical preparation and the state of mind of the DFB team seven months before the start of the European Championship. SPORT1 provides an overview of the press conference.

+++ Gnabry and Goretzka for Sandro Wagner +++

“Firstly, it is very surprising that Sandro went down this path so quickly. We played with him a few years ago.” The change is sometimes very funny, but Wagner also brings the necessary seriousness.

“Maybe he can give me some tips on how he scored goals back then,” admits Gnabry with a laugh.

“He’s doing really well,” Goretzka agreed with his teammate. Wagner is “extremely motivated at the training camp”, where he trains the team hard. “Communication there is very good.”

+++ Goretzka for Turkish opponent +++

“I think, above all, I’m looking forward to a great football game. In the home game against Galatasaray we got a small taste of what the atmosphere would be like. It is extremely impressive how Turkish fans support their teams – or in this case, the Turkish national team.”

Ultimately, when it comes to the game and the tournament in the summer, Goretzka hopes that “football will use this power to connect and celebrate together a festival where sport comes first.”

+++ Gnabry about Nagelsmann, who he knows from Bavaria +++

“It makes you know each other a little better. Hope this helps in some way. But Germany’s best players are here. So, in the end, it’s the coach’s decision who plays.”

+++ About Neuer and the debate over the goalkeeper position +++

Gnabry: “I don’t think there are many new things to say, except that Manu has incredible skills. I don’t think there’s much that Manu can’t do.” However, who ends up in goal is another decision for the coach.

Leon Goretzka also supported his partner’s opinion. “I think that first of all we can be happy with Manu’s return. This is also extremely useful for us at Bayern. The good thing is that the performance principle applies to all positions. We also have an excellent goalkeeper, Marc.”

+++ About Adeyemi’s situation +++

Both players declined to comment on the situation of Karim Adeyemi, who refused to travel to the DFB U21 team.

+++ Goretzka on the Kimmich debate +++

“I think he is a very good right-back, we all know that, but he is also a very good six. The coach will decide where he will help us in the end.”

+++ Goretzka on dealing with setbacks +++

“I actually didn’t see it as a big setback. “I’m actually very happy with how the season has gone so far,” explained the Bayern star. You shouldn’t waste too much time getting angry and you have to get back to performing well, committing to the club and the national team.

+++ Goretzka on Nagelsmann’s tactics +++

“We talked about what it was about in the first training sessions.” According to Goretzka, the fact that the new coach emphasized a stable defense was the right decision. “We still concede a lot of goals.”

+++ Goretzka for the World Cup in Qatar +++

“The mistake at that time was in the awards. We hope that the criteria in this regard will be revised. For now, let’s focus on summer. I’m glad these issues are going away. That’s what we all want, I think.”

+++ About the competitive pressure on the squad and the fight for starting positions +++

“Everyone should answer the question of whether they need to show themselves,” Goretzka explained. We have a good squad where the competition is very fierce. “Personally, I am convinced that I can help the team. Julian has to decide how, where and when.”

Of course, Gnabry expected a little more, especially as the season, including the injury, got off to an unhappy start. “I’m better now with the track and I’ll definitely try to do my best again”, promises the winger.

+++ Goretzka on the spirit of optimism +++

“I think we’ve talked many times in the past about wanting to create that spirit of optimism. This works mainly through good football.”

+++ Gnabry to Bayern players in the squad +++

“It makes you know each other a little better, the coach knows what the player does and can do. Of course this helps in some way. However, we have a wider squad, with the best players in Germany.”

+++ Goretzka on injury and lack of success with the senior team +++

The previously injured hand is now fine. “I play with the track that I also played in the Bundesliga and Champions League. “It fits very well,” Goretzka explained, although the rail is “very bulky.”

However, the midfielder hopes to have more success with the senior team in the future. “It’s often argued that we were very successful, especially in the youth teams, with the class of 1995. But somehow, in the senior team – apart from the Confederations Cup – we still haven’t managed to play in a successful tournament, which, of course, It bothers me personally and I think I can speak for the other boys too. Of course, the motivation to finally achieve this in the next tournament is even greater.”

+++ For the European Championship ball +++

PK begins with an investigation into the EM ball presented today. The two guests Serge Gnabry and Leon Goretzka liked the name, the appearance of the ball. “It will probably be a good tournament,” Gnabry said optimistically.

+++ Goretzka comments on his relationship with fans +++

Leon Goretzka spoke on the “Copa TS” podcast about failures in dealing with the national team’s fans and admitted that “we surround ourselves too much”. He is 100% convinced that “everyone in Germany is interested in this tournament”.

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