Sophia Thomalla shocks viewers with a violent experiment

Sophia Thomalla took tablets to a TV documentary.Image: RTL


Janna Eiserbeck

When you think of presenter Sophia Thomalla, the first thing that comes to mind is probably trashy TV shows like “Are You The One?” or perhaps your publicly known relationships. For example, there’s her flirtation with Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann, or her current relationship with tennis player Alexander Zverev. However, you probably don’t think about TV experiments à la Jenke von Wilmsdorf.

But the 34-year-old is always ready for a surprise and is now setting herself apart with a daring self-experiment she undertook for an RTL documentary.

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Sophia Thomalla dares an extreme experiment

Sophia is now sharing the self-experiment on Instagram and showing shocking clips from the TV documentary. Then you see Sophia Thomalla in a state that looks nothing like the presenter.

She seems distant, almost disoriented, and she herself describes everything as a “horror trip”. The reason: she took strong painkillers, opiates.

Sophia Thomalla explains in the video: “Of the almost two million people in Germany who are addicted to pills, only 1.6 million are addicted to painkillers. You can see what it does to the body, how hard it is to get rid of it and what opiates did to me in my new documentary ‘Pain let go – the pain experiment’.”

Fans are surprised by Sophia Thomalla’s courage

For the documentary, the presenter also followed two women “who can no longer lead a normal life due to severe back pain”. Sophia Thomalla further describes that they are also addicted to opiates. The documentary can be seen on the RTL+ streaming service from November 15th.

Fans react to Sophia’s self-experimentation with great respect and are quite surprised. “Mega! Hats off to this courageous experiment”, say the comments, among other things. Many also report their own experiences with painkillers and opioids and, thus, underline the importance of bringing the topic to the public.

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Sophia Thomalla dared a bold experiment.Image: RTL

The Thomalla experiment also attracts criticism

However, some people are also surprised. “Was Jenke no longer in the mood?” asks a user, somewhat amused. Another follower, however, raises a much more important question: “Why would you allow something like this to happen?” Another also asks why such an experiment should be carried out as a “healthy person”. It should be clear by now that “The pain subsides – the experience of pain” will spark a controversy.

Sophia herself has not yet answered the question of why. However, this will certainly be discussed in the documentary. In the trailer she at least reveals that she regrets the experience. One particularly drastic scene shows her losing her nerve in the supermarket and seemingly having no sense of direction.

Every now and then there are changes to the TV schedule, which are usually announced by broadcasters at short notice. In September there was even a brief total blackout for public broadcasters. The reason for this was a technical failure that hugely affected the program, meaning that even ARD had to help ZDF. At first it just said: “Disturbance, we will continue immediately.” At that time, the broadcaster’s website was particularly affected, as it suddenly went completely offline.

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