The 3rd Variety Show will take place on Classic servers

The 3rd Variety Show will take place on Classic servers

One year after the last WoW Variety Show, the 3rd Variety Show will take place soon. For the first time, the event made up of fun minigames will be held on the official Classic servers. From now on you can register until November 24, 2023. This year there will once again be some goodies for participants to win.

The Season of Discovery is coming to WoW Classic and with it the latest WoW Variety Show with new challenges for the season and Classic Hardcore! New activities, new faces, new prizes. Mark your calendar and stay tuned on December 9th on YouTube or Twitch The. This time, the dates are adapted for participants from all over the world.

The classic variety show

WoW: The 3rd Variety Show arrives on Classic servers (2)

WoW: The 3rd Variety Show arrives on Classic servers (2)
Source: Nevasca

The Wow (buy now ) The Classic Variety Show will consist of three activities and some special surprises that will add even more fun!


We are starting Hardcore Classic with a new server for the event. You create a character at level 1 and then try to get to a point where you can defeat the coveted Riverpaw Gnome Boss as quickly as possible. The first person to defeat Hogger without being in a group is declared the winner.

But it wouldn’t be the Variety Show if it weren’t for our faithful Warcraft Wheel would make an appearance again. We’re proud to announce that our gnome engineers have been hard at work adding some new and unique gameplay features to help (or hinder) you along the way. More information coming soon… The event has an open registration process and anyone can participate along with some celebrities who will be announced before the event.


The Season of Discovery launches on November 30th, and with the Variety Show taking place just 9 days later, this is the perfect opportunity to run through the newly updated level 25 raid in the Deep Black Grotto.

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Grab your runes and get ready to defeat Aku’mai before the competition! Four teams will be invited to participate. Registration is now open. Vacancies for this activity are few and far between, so sign up today!


And last but not least: do you remember the characters from the race to defeat Hogger? Now, while some candidates try their luck in Aku’mai in the Deep Black Grotto, everyone else is invited to further hone their new characters in preparation for the final challenge: Mak’gora Madness.

The Mak’gora Madness will consist of an elimination round full of duels to the death, at the end of which only one character will survive. The 28 player characters who reach the highest level before the activity starts will advance to the finals along with 4 famous competitors. Everything is permitted in Mak’gora and the winner takes all the credit.

Of course we can’t leave it like that. We have some special surprises planned for the show in addition to these three activities, so stay tuned for upcoming activities in this episode!

Common questions

Who can participate?

  • Players from all over the world can participate in the activities in this episode! Complete information about eligibility and rules can be found here.

How many vacancies are open?

  • Although this time our activities are bigger than ever, places are still limited to ensure we can offer the best experience to everyone!

The race to defeat Hogger will be limited to 400 players. The rule here is: first come, first served. The highest level players will be invited to Mak’gora Madness at the start of the activity.

In the race for the Deep Black Grotto in the Season of Discovery, each WoW celebrity participant will play alongside 9 participants from the WoW community, resulting in a total of 36 spots.

When is the registration deadline?

  • We will accept your applications until Friday, November 24, 2023 at 7pm (CET).

When will invitations be sent?

  • All concert invitations will be sent by November 28th at 2am (CET).

Who are the celebrity candidates?

  • WoW celebrity candidates will be announced in the coming weeks! Remember to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with who’s taking part in the show.

What types of prizes are there?

  • Participants and viewers will be able to purchase various in-game items and stylish out-of-game apparel as the broadcast progresses.

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