The most expensive bags in the world and the hype behind them!

The most expensive bags in the world and the hype behind them!

the essentials in summary

  • The most expensive bags come from the traditional Hermès brand.

  • Only special creations from different jewelers and designers can match the French luxury brand’s pieces in terms of price and opulence.

  • The use of real diamonds, in particular, increases prices.

Handbags are no longer just popular collectors’ items, but also true investments. We’ll tell you which is the most expensive bag in the world and how absurdly high the prices of these luxury items are!

The hype about handbags

Whether big or small, round or square, colorful or plain, made of (faux) leather or raffia: bags are among the most popular accessories in the fashion sector. Not only can they update just about any outfit, but they’re also practical at best. They store important possessions like wallets, keys and smartphones, and we often search frantically for gum or lip balm. As different as the contents of the bags are, so is their appearance and quality. There are countless classics, fun attractions and true collector’s items.

You have to dig deeper into your pockets, especially for collectors’ items. This can cost several hundred euros – there appears to be no upper limit. You can spend several (ten) thousand euros on designer bags in the blink of an eye. Popular designer brands include traditional houses Chanel, Dior and not forgetting Hermès. Its exclusive models not only have many fans, but also a long history. The best example of this is the highly sought after Hermès Birkin bag, named after model, actress and singer Jane Birkin.

And that’s exactly what makes these bags not only a faithful companion in everyday life, but also highly sought after collector’s and investment items. Handbags are now as popular as designer watches and handbags, true investments. Iconic bags with recognition value quickly fetch double their original retail price, depending, of course, on:

  • Model
  • Illness
  • Old
  • Color
  • personal preferences
  • Availability/Rarity

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The Hermès “Himalayan Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin”

The price range for a Hermès Birkin bag is currently between around 9,000 euros and several hundred thousand euros. One of the most expensive Birkins in the world was sold at an auction at the London auction house Christie’s, in Hong Kong, in 2019, and reached a price of around 350 thousand euros (although data varies depending on the source). The expensive piece is a very special model, namely the “Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin 30”. It is made from genuine crocodile leather, white gold details and high quality diamonds. The reason why exotic leather continues to be so commercialized today is questionable in terms of ethics and morals. Even though it has a high price, it is still far from being the most expensive bag in the world.

Hermés’ highest value is the “Diamond Sac Bijou”, of which only three pieces exist in the world. Its retail value is around $2 million and it is encrusted with 2,712 diamonds. The highlight: It’s not actually a bag, even though it’s fully functional. The “Diamond Sac Bijou” comes from the “Haute Bijouterie Collection” and serves as a bracelet. But what is the most expensive bag in the world?

The most expensive bag in the world: a creation by Debbie Wingham

Debbie Wingham is actually a multimedia artist and has a penchant for elaborate, exquisite and, above all, expensive designs. In 2019, she created a custom piece for an anonymous US client, who gave the British designer some prized pieces to turn into a bag. The self-described celebrity seamstress is known for her over-the-top custom pieces.

The $6.7 million bag features an Hermès scarf with 8,000 diamonds, a platinum and 24-karat gold frame (worth $250,000) and a pair of Cartier earrings (worth $40,000). ). But that wasn’t the only way the Brit made a name for herself. She is known for several expensive creations that top the “Most Expensive in the World” list and has clients all over the world.

This is what the most expensive bag in the world looks like

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The same applies to jeweler Robert Mouward, who was included in the Guinness Book of Records in 2010 with one of his design pieces and topped the list of the most expensive bags in the world. The unique heart-shaped piece is called “1001”. It contains 4,517 diamonds, of which 105 are yellow and 56 pink. It took 10 artisans and around 8,800 hours to complete everything. And of course this costs money. The bag reached a sale price of 3.4 million US dollars. Jeweler Mouawad also has other records in the luxury segment.

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