The surprise bag is back – this is your chance to get a strong player

The surprise bag is back – this is your chance to get a strong player

A popular SBC is returning in EA FC 24. It has an unbeatable price-performance ratio. We’ll show you which difficult cards you can pull out of the party bag.

What is the lucky bag? The Miracle Bag (in English: Party Bag) is a surprise SBC in which players can be drawn into at least two different events. The lucky bag has always offered a good price as it gives you the opportunity to get very strong players.

Now the first SBC party bag has also appeared in EA FC 24, which you can repeat every day until Friday. We will first briefly introduce the SBC and its requirements before showing the probability of a strong card.

The first SBC bag – these are the requirements

How much does the first surprise bag cost? The first party bag costs around 44,000 coins, although you actually only need to give up a team of 83. The catch is that you also need a Team of the Week (TOTW) player. Since these are also currently required for other TOTWs SBCs, these have increased dramatically and some are no longer available on the transfer market or sell out extremely quickly.

A little tip: if you still have 83 or 84 fodder left, you can complete the daily repeatable 82 + TOTW pro pick. Best case scenario you will attract a strong TOTW player, perhaps even a Mbappé from the new TOTW 9 from 7pm tonight. In the worst case, you will trade a less good TOTW for the SBC surprise bag.

And another important observation: Players in the bag cannot be exchanged, which means they cannot be offered on the transfer market. However, the real price on the transfer market helps us evaluate potential candidates as strong or less good.

Below you can read which players you can expect and how great your chances of getting an expensive player are.

Over 84 RTTK or Trailblazers in the first party bag at EA FC 24

Which players can you pull out of the surprise bag? The first SBC surprise offers the opportunity to get players with an overall rating of 84 or higher in the first two EA FC 24 promotions, which are:

In total, the Lucky Bag player pool includes 65 players. The highlights are RTTK Haaland worth 2.6 million coins, Kylian Mbappé from Trailblazer for 4.5 million coins or Caroline Graham Hansen from Trailblazer, which costs 2.1 million coins.

In addition to the really big prizes, there are some players that cost around a million, but also many that are worth several hundred thousand coins and are therefore significantly higher than the SBC price.

However, among the 60+ players, there are also many that cost significantly less than the SBC and only cost just over 10,000 coins. This is especially true for RTTK players who no longer have a chance to upgrade. If you are still waiting for updates or have already increased your rating, you can read about it on our RTTK tracker.

Finally, we calculate for you how big your chance of getting an expensive player is.

What is the chance of a strong player? In total there are 33 players that cost more than the SBC is worth. 3 cards are priced approximately equal to the SBC costs. 29 players bring a major loss of at least 15,000 to a maximum of 33,000 coins.

In the image you can see from left to right the most expensive, most expensive and cheapest players that you can take from the pack.

To emphasize the positive aspect: the chance of getting an expensive player or a card that would mean at least little or no loss is more than 50%. This is a strong ratio compared to many other Gamble SBCs, such as the new base hero upgrade.

Finally, all we can say is that you must decide for yourself whether you want to take the risk. We consider the loss calculation manageable and therefore consider the price-performance ratio to be very fair.

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