This bike impressed in the test

This bike impressed in the test

If you’re looking for a smart e-bike, VanMoof, Urtopia or Cowboy will probably come to mind. But another German manufacturer wants to put everything in its pocket. And as our testing shows, this can work well.

There are some smart e-bikes on the market. And with increasingly intelligent drives from Bosch, Fazua and Mahle, almost all electric bikes are becoming app-controlled software donkeys. To stand out from the crowd, bike manufacturers have to create something other than app linking, adjustable support parameters, and GPS. Lemmo has done just that and added some very practical functions to its One L e-bike. But what makes the Lemmo Bike One L so special?

E-bike mode and a power bank

We tested the Lemmo One L with derailleur gear and in the e-bike version. The E-bike version looks strange, but you can also order the Lemmo One L as a regular bike. And this is where the first intelligent function is hidden. The Lemmo One L can be used as a regular bike and as an e-bike.

Anyone who thinks of an ugly conversion and extension solution will be wrong. The Lemmo One L is an organized e-bike with a nice design. The transmission is located in the rear wheel hub and the battery is stored between the top and bottom tubes. It’s so easy to remove and still fits securely while riding. So if you want to ride with support, just push the Smartpac into the frame. If you want to save the 3 kilos, just leave it at home and uncouple the electric motor. This is easily done using a lever on the rear wheel. This means you don’t hit the electric motor and you can ride the Lemmo One L like any other aluminum bike. Without the battery, it weighs just 15 kilos.

Lemmo One L Bike

But the removable battery can do more than just power the Lemmo One L. You can also use it as a battery for smartphones, laptops, etc. It has enough power to power a standard laptop up to 65 watts. It has a USB-C port for this. A second port with USB-A configuration can be charged at 12 watts. And both worked perfectly in our testing. With electrical support for the field and operating self-sufficiently? – No problem.

This is how the Lemmo Bike One L rides

The Lemmo One L is a typical urban and suburban bike. You can hit the road in great comfort, on thick wheels and in a relaxed seating position. With the Shimano chain drive equipment we tested, you can ride in a relaxed manner with and without electric drive and with sufficient gear ratio width. Of course, the Lemmo Bike One L is no mountain goat when the engine is not engaged, but the gear selection is completely sufficient for daily city or cross-country commuting. If you want to switch to sport mode without the engine more often, you must request the derailleur gear. And if you often drive with an electric drive, you can also use a belt drive. So there is no gear selection, but rather a maintenance-free and low-wear system.

Lemmo Bike One L unit

Despite the comfort, you can also ride in a sporty way. Even without a car, cross-country speed can quickly reach 25 km/h. If you have activated the electric tailwind, you can of course do this without breaking a sweat. If you want to go beyond that, the electric drive gets a little weird. This becomes noticeable when you’re driving at the limit and the engine can’t decide whether to support you or not. This is one of the few criticisms of the Lemmo One L. Engineers should work on engine control again and provide an update.

There’s also little to explain when it comes to range. Because with the Lemmo Bike One L we achieved 80 to 120 kilometers in the test with additional laptop charge. The battery has enough capacity for daily commuting to work and home. And with the removable battery, you can charge virtually anywhere, anytime. With this, Lemmo finally destroys the fear of range. Charging the power supply will take about 3.5 hours.

Lemmo Bike One L Battery Connections

Does design follow function?

The Lemmo Bike One L’s appearance follows function, at least when it comes to the battery. A rail occupies the downtube and there’s no room for a bag or water bottle. There are at least screw points for a bracket on the seat tube. The carbon fork also offers very sparing screw points. The Lemmo Bike One L is not a perfect motorhome.

What it is, however, is a true designer cell phone. As the shapes are clear, the welds are hidden and the cables are all housed in the structure. Just a little disturbs the clean exterior. This continues in the cabin. In addition to the hydraulic disc brakes and gear levers, there are only two small, barely noticeable buttons on the handlebars that control the electronics. A speed and battery capacity display, as well as immobilizer information, are integrated into the top tube. The position forces you to look away from the road, but at least you don’t have to type or adjust anything on the screen.

Lemmo Bike One L Cockpit

Lemmo Bike One L Features and Tricks

In addition to the good finish of the frame, the solid components stand out. Of course, Shimano Deore gears are not state-of-the-art, but this is not necessary for urban and cross-country use. The tires are very damping and the carbon fork ensures smooth flex at the front. As already mentioned, braking is hydraulic. The discs are non-toxic, but with adequate manual force they are superior to the friction of tires. Simply put: there is enough power here to stop quickly in any situation.

The Lemmo Bike One L is once again very smart when it comes to electronics. With GPS and Bluetooth you can locate it at any time and there is a secondary lock for greater protection. You can activate it and open it again with the two buttons on the handlebars. This makes it even more difficult for thieves to obtain real benefits from the illegally purchased bicycle.

Lemmo Bike One L Screen

There are also practical add-on parts, such as a small luggage rack and factory mudguards. The lighting is also fully integrated and, at the press of a button, the headlight illuminates our partially unlit test track, narrow but far ahead.

Conclusion and price-performance

The test version of the Lemmo Bike One L with chain and battery (yes, you can also order the Lemmo Bike One L as a pure bike without electric drive) costs 1,990 euros. The lower entry ST version has the same price. However, the belt drive costs an additional 200 euros. But the whole concept convinced us. The intelligent solutions work very well, the removable battery is a real asset and the motor decoupling and electronic-mechanical hub lock are great options for everyday use.

This makes the Lemmo Bike One L one of the most versatile e-bikes in the smart segment we’ve ever tested. The great looks, clean finish, and sleek design make the bike a good option for the style-conscious. So if you don’t ride at high speeds very often or don’t have issues with somewhat wonky motor control in this area, the Lemmo Bike One L is a good choice.

And especially when it comes to competition. Because you won’t get a smart e-bike from VanMoof or Cowboy for less than 2,000 euros. Compared to the competition, you save at least 500 to 1,000 euros with Lemmo.

Advantages of the Lemmo Bike One L

  • great concept
  • beautiful and high quality frame
  • good combination of integration and modularity
  • low price

Weaknesses of the Lemmo Bike One L

  • Unstable engine control at Vmax
  • Motor with “only” 40 Nm torque

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