Till Lindemann in Bamberg: protest in full swing

Till Lindemann in Bamberg: protest in full swing

Against this in Tuesday evening (14 November 2023) in Bamberg taking place concert by Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann stir in advance Resistance. The action alliance “No Stage Bamberg” called on the city of Bamberg to… ban the singer from performing and not provide any urban infrastructure for this. Also in the direction of the organizer there are criticisms.

We were against Lindemann last summer Sexual assault allegations it got loud. Several women made accusations – some anonymously – against the German music star. They described situations that they themselves found frightening. According to the women’s reports, it should have been after the Rammstein shows also engages in sexual acts at post-show parties came.

Update November 14, 2023, 8:10 pm: Protest action in full swing

The protest action of the “Keine Bühne Bamberg” alliance is taking place as announced. According to the Upper Franconian police, the Bamberg municipal police are on site (from 8pm) and are monitoring the demonstration. According to a spokesperson, the Upper Franconian police have no further information at this time.

Original article from November 10, 2023, 1 pm: Till Lindemann, lead singer of Rammstein, on Tuesday in Bamberg: Aliança calls for concert cancellation

Lindemann always rejected the accusations against himself. Investigations previously launched against the 60-year-old man were closed at the end of August. Assessment of available evidence no clues The Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office announced on August 29 that Lindemann had “performed sexual acts with women against their will.”

The polarizing musician has been in custody since this week on his solo tour. A total of 24 concerts are planned until the end of the year to promote their current album “Zunge”. In Leipzig demonstrated last wednesday around 600 people opposed the show by the Rammstein singer. There are also protests in Bamberg. Lindemann steps there next Tuesday at the Brose Arena about. If the concert takes place, it will be in the evening, starting at 6pm. Demonstration in front of the event hall planned, announced the campaign alliance “Keine Bühne Bamberg” in a press release published at the beginning of November. In addition, there is “a broad support program”.

According to its own statement, the alliance is a Association of “feminist orientation groups” from Bamberg, Nuremberg, Würzburg and Coburg. “The large number of consistent reports shows that everything has a system”, says the Alliance spokesperson Mariella Feldmann, mentioned in the statement. “Young women are specifically recruited to be available to Lindemann for sex, without being told so clearly beforehand. The women would have no chance of a “self-determined refusal” Feldmann says.

Activists with serious complaints against the city – the operator of the Brose Arena refers to the concept of awareness

The alliance sees this in Bamberg city ​​duty: “If the city of Bamberg allows the concert to take place in front of thousands of fans, this is not just a public solidarity with Lindemannbut also the negligent acceptance of further sexual assaults.” The city owns the Brose Arena and therefore has the right to do so. “Further sexual assaults must be prevented here,” the group states, referring to Lindemann’s live performance at the multi-purpose hall in south of Bamberg.

The city of Bamberg refers to its subsidiary, the Bamberg Arena Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (BAB). There you are the salon landlord “special responsibility” be aware and take allegations against all artists or musicians “very seriously”, explains BAB managing director Dominik Nakic. “We do not accept any form of sexual violence.” In the case of Till Lindemann, mere suspicion does not constitute a legal basis for canceling the event on November 14, 2023. A rejection also “significant claims for damages” to imply.

“We value the initiative to combat abuse of power and sexual violence and are particularly committed to doing our part. Guest safety is our top priority,” said Nakic. This will be used Awareness concept “Luisa is here”. Brose Arena staff are adequately trained. A call “Safe Space” provide a safe place to retreat. “It will also be at the show on November 14th no Row Zero and no after-show party “That’s what we also asked the organizers to do,” emphasizes Nakic.

Lindemann denies journalists access to the show – organizer criticizes: “I find this worrying”

Lindemann concert organizer Franconia Concert Office Based in Nuremberg, the action alliance also sees responsibility. “The protection of spectators must be guaranteed before financial success,” the alliance states. “Future attacks cannot be accepted at any price. That is why we clearly demand that the show be cancelled.”

The organizer also explains that Till Lindemann concert will go ahead as planned. “It’s almost sold out,” reports Axel Ballreich, one of the three managing directors of the Concertbüro Franken, in an interview on Friday (November 10, 2023). inFranken.de. According to him, on Tuesday More than 7 thousand visitors are expected. “We saw how things were progressing,” he says, referring to the discussion about the Rammstein frontman. However, after there was neither a legal proceeding nor an indictment, I had a The cancellation of the concert is not up for debate confessed. “Otherwise it would have been a completely different situation”, highlights the organizer. By June, Ballreich had inFranken.de described the drastic consequences his company would face if rejected.

Ballreich also emphasizes: “There is no zero line”. The term is used to describe a separate area directly in front of the stage at Rammstein shows. The organizer of the Nuremberg concert criticized Meanwhile, in Lindemann’s solo performances, this is largely the case no press representatives are permitted. That’s how it turned out German press agency according to their own statement for the start of the tour in Leipzig Accreditation denied. Journalists also lost at the show in Bamberg. “The artist and his management decided this,” explains Ballreich. “We find this worrying.” More news from Bamberg can be found in our local section.

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