Twitter’s Pearls of the Day for November 21, 2023

Twitter’s Pearls of the Day for November 21, 2023

Ah, such an autumnal Tuesday is so beautiful! It’s finally raining heavily and the wind turns our umbrella into a sail. And then there are the wonderfully grumpy people, with the horribly droopy corners of their mouths, who walk glumly to work! Isn’t it wonderful and wonderful? No, we don’t think so either! At least the miserable autumn will be over soon and we can fill the void caused by winter with Christmas cookies! To give you some hope and love, we went on a journey for you and brought delightful tweets with us. Today you can laugh with us about cats who saw more than they wanted and we will also clarify when it is best to stop eating toast. So dig deeper into your hole in the ground or get comfy on the couch, because here are the Twitter gems of the day for you!

#1: Who doesn’t know the pizza kebab diet

#2: Does he have a very clean secret second home?

#3: Do we really want to hear the story about this?

#4: Luckily we don’t understand the kitten!

#5: Program for everyone (over 70)

#6: What would you do?

#7: How homemade

#8: We are hungry now

#9: What a rag!

#10: In love, in love, married!

Are you still alive or are you already serving?

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