“Visually there is nothing to complain about”: Oliver and Amira Pocher: Jauch is speechless

“Visually there is nothing to complain about”: Oliver and Amira Pocher: Jauch is speechless

Jauch throws in the towel in the face of so much passive-aggressiveness. “The failure of marriages today is crazy,” he comments on Amira and Oliver Pocher’s last appearance as a couple. Above all, he doesn’t know how to stop – until the bitter end for her.

Amira and Oliver Pocher together at Günther Jauch? In the end it was worse than expected. “This is probably their last appearance together on a TV show,” RTL speculated ahead of the celebrity special “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” on Thursday night. The show was recorded in mid-October. “When the two were still friends,” the ad said. In fact, there was so much hostility floating around the studio that Jauch constantly used power words: “Guys. Now I have to do another mediation here.”

It was of little use. In retrospect, Amira Pocher may have regretted bringing her husband with her. RTL actually invited her solo. “Never. I don’t dare,” but she refused and took the comedian with her. “But is he of any help now in this condition?” Jauch was skeptical from the start. “That was expressed very sympathetically,” Pocher put it this way.

Amira and Oliver Pocher in Jauch

It only took a few laps before Jauch felt obliged to intervene to calm things down. “De-escalation,” he confidently asked the estranged spouses. As the first choice guest, Amira Pocher claimed the right to decide. This paid off when, against her husband’s wishes, she trademarked the spelling “Pompons” instead of “Ponpons.”

In the next round, however, Jauch saved her from an early elimination by inciting the public’s wild card. “The reason marriages fail today is crazy,” he stated when the Pochers argued over the plural form of “cactus.” “Apparently there is nothing to blame her for,” said Oliver Pocher with another verbal jab. Cabaret artist Torsten Sträter finally collapsed at the bottom, feeling embarrassed. It also turned out very colorful for Jauch. Finally, the special edition was played for needy children.

“Guys”, the host of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” he tried to say again. Now he had to do mediation here, he complained. “I, of all people. I’m as good as a hedgehog at wiping my ass,” Jauch conveyed a popular saying of his father’s to the audience. But it didn’t get better.

“Financially everything is sorted,” Oliver Pocher assured the host, shortly before the additional joker helped with the €64,000 discovery that Monobloco was a plastic chair. In the next round, the comedian finally managed to shine with his knowledge. “Who wasn’t in the 2014 World Cup final the last game wearing the German national football team’s shirt?” asked Jauch. Pocher knew immediately that Bastian Schweinsteiger was referring to him – and immediately found the next model.

“He is still happy with Ana Ivanović. Things are going well for them,” said Oliver Pocher. Jauch just exchanged a meaningful look with Amira Pocher. “Is that a sufficient basis of trust?” he asked her and clarified: “In the question, I mean.”

Jauch begs Pochers: Stop

“Now stop here”, Jauch did not admit defeat. At this point, all Sträter could hear in the background was angry “nonsense” after trying to calm his nerves with a chocolate bar.

Pocher then made a possible attempt to explain why he behaved the way he did in his third appearance on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”: “Humor is so important. You might look like a bucket of poo.” “Back to the point,” pleaded Jauch. In the end, Oliver Pocher had the last word in what was probably their last appearance as a couple – which visibly angered Amira Pocher.

Contrary to expectations, the conflicting couple reached the question of 500 thousand euros. Jauch wanted to know: “What was the first alien planet that a man-made probe successfully landed on?: A) Venus, B) Mercury, C) Mars, D) Moon?” Phone joker Ibrahim Aly immediately gravitated toward Venus instead of the Moon. “It’s your brother,” Oliver Pocher initially blamed Amira for the decision. She wanted to play.

But somehow the men in the group had had enough. Sträter asked for a submission from behind, Oliver Pocher agreed and Jauch sealed the exit with 125 thousand euros. Amira Pocher finally felt neglected when she found out: her brother was right. At least the RTL marathon benefited from the appearance of the couple, who are now openly enemies of each other.

They became the winners of the 45th celebrity special of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Sträter was the first candidate to raise 64 thousand euros on Thursday night. He was visibly irritated by Oliver Pocher’s provocations against Amira backstage. “I don’t want anything to do with it,” Sträter laughed at one point. “But: you may or may not use self-irony.” Oliver Pocher: “You can, you can’t, have a divorce settlement.” Amira Pocher a little later: “Ah, it’s so funny today!”

Sträter then distinguished himself by perhaps the most ineffective use of a telephone joker. First he greeted Austrian cabaret artist Josef Hader in detail, although the timer was already running. When Hader asked “Can you tell me the four letters again?” Sträter made a joke at his own expense: “ABCD.” Then time is up.

“Zur Ritze” brings luck in WWM

Fully focused on the issue at hand, Reiner Calmund completed his appearance on the celebrity special of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” The former Bayer Leverkusen football manager played straight for 64,000 euros. After Pochers, this was also singer Sasha’s victory. The Hamburger was very lucky when Jauch wanted to know what was in the basement of the “Zur Ritze” pub on the Reeperbahn for 32 thousand euros (answer: a boxing ring).

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” champion Ralf Schnoor helped Sasha win. He had the right instinct, if the wrong explanation. Jauch asked about two U.S. presidents with surprising historical parallels. Its previous winner guessed Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. “Because we don’t know who murdered her,” the restaurant owner speculated. Wrong, Jauch realized.

The answer was still correct. Among other things, Kennedy was elected to Congress and the White House exactly 100 years after Lincoln, as Jauch explained. “Who wants to be a millionaire?” first takes another “farmer is looking for a wife” break. Jauch returns with another special edition on Boxing Day.

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