“Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Boris is to blame: Jauch unintentionally helps pensioners

“Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Boris is to blame: Jauch unintentionally helps pensioners

Jauch is simply the best wildcard. He unconsciously helps the friendly retiree find the right answer. A lifelong dream comes true for the candidate. In the end, however, the senior made the mistake of shouting: “Zero euros!”

Boris Becker’s historic victory at Wimbledon still causes emotions almost 40 years later. Anyway, Günther Jauch was on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” on Monday. again so enthusiastic that he unintentionally helped his candidate. But no one in the studio really realized that. No matter, the retired Georg Malkowsky would have been the nice winner of the night, even without the support. “It was the dream of my life”, revealed the 77-year-old coach as he said goodbye to the game in Jauch.

After his quick visit last week, Malkowsky came back with the 2,000 euro issue and initially got over it easily. “The questions are pretty harmless, right?” Jauch suspected. In the €64,000 round, however, things finally got serious. The host wanted to know: “In 1985, for the last time, A) a Frenchman won the Tour de France, B) a British man won Wimbledon, C) a Berliner won the Berlin Marathon, D) an Indian won the Indy 500 ?”

Jauch lets things slip

The candidate immediately drew the additional wild card. But no one wanted to offer to help. “If it continues like this, we will have the studio evacuated. Then our replacement audience will come”, joked Jauch. At one point, a gentleman took pity – fortunately. “Of course, I definitely cannot answer the question,” the retiree initially lowered his expectations. But then Becker came.

“Boris Becker won Wimbledon in 1985,” said the additional wildcard, thus ruling out answer B. Jauch briefly recalled the historic sporting moment – but in doing so confirmed the viewer’s statement. The wild card then voted against the Indian in Indianapolis and also put Frenchman Bernard Hinault, winner of the 1985 Tour de France, into play.

Unfortunately, the gentleman in the audience ended up choosing Berlin and therefore came up empty-handed as the wild card. But thanks to his help, Malkowsky got one more run after the 50:50 wildcard left the Tour de France and Wimbledon standing. Give the joker 500 euros from your own pocket, recommended Jauch.

The candidate from Bockenem, near Hildesheim, then had to pass in the next round. Jauch wanted to know in which year of the celebrity’s birth and death Halley’s comet passed by Earth. Malkowsky came out and guessed James Dean. Mark Twain was right. “I’m happy to receive the money. I was happy. It was the dream of my life,” said the veteran happily – until Jauch got too old.

“Really?” said the RTL presenter, initially happy. “Yes, since 1969…” the guest trailed off. “Yes, thank you,” said Jauch ironically, to the joyful applause of the audience. The host replied: “My lifelong dream is to be able to decide for myself who leaves here with zero euros – and today is the day!”

1989, of course Malkowsky meant. Since the beginning of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, he has dreamed of participating and has signed up a thousand times. A few years after the start of the RTL quiz show, the trained locksmith was given the title “divorce musician”. At that time he performed as a musician at family parties.

One couple booked it for their silver wedding anniversary celebration, Malkowsky said. Just before his appearance, the couple took him aside and told him: Today we are going to get divorced. “I then made a fool of myself,” he reported. Was the climate in ruins? asked Jauch. “That was the best party I’ve ever had,” corrected the guest.

Teacher plays on WWM

According to Malkowsky, the amounts won on Monday decreased from round to round. “Of course it’s shit. But I don’t want to be responsible if you thunder there,” Jauch gave the next candidate permission to walk away with 16,000 euros. Professor Nils Grundmann from Egestorf in Lower Saxony had no idea whether Ariane Kari was the federal government’s first commissioner for animal protection or monument protection.

Unfortunately, his additional wildcard didn’t help matters. After his telephone prankster Jauch managed to at least explain that a simple “Moin” was completely sufficient (“Whoever says ‘Moin, moin’ is talking too much”), the educator suddenly gambled: “I’ll take A, animal protection.” In the end, the North German secured 32 thousand euros and was finally able to replace the windows in his house.

Civil servant Anna Rohr from Unna in North Rhine-Westphalia was able to dare anything with the 32,000 euro question because she chose the variant with three wildcards. Fortunately, Rohr guessed that lemonade has been available at Munich’s Oktoberfest since 1986. That year, non-alcoholic beer was served for the first time at Oktoberfest.

Despite the “public servant variant” it was only 4,000 euros for the last candidate tonight “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”. Julia Weidt from Bad Bergzabern in the southern Palatinate was very happy with the modest profit. “When have I ever had such a large amount of money on hand?” said the volunteer on a local radio station and praised the hot air fryer that she can now buy.

We expect completely different sums to be involved on Thursday. Then the big celebrity special “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” is on the program as part of the RTL marathon. Jauch welcomes Amira and Oliver Pocher. “This will likely be their last appearance together on a TV show,” the announcement read. “The recording of the program took place in mid-October, when the two still maintained friendly relations.” Singer Sasha, football expert Reiner Calmund and cabaret artist Torsten Sträter also play for a good cause. “Who wants to be a millionaire?” then goes back to a longer interval of “the farmer is looking for a wife.”

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