WoW: More information on warpacks, depths and patches

WoW: More information on warpacks, depths and patches

in Sebastian Glanzer
What’s next for Dragonflight and what can the developers reveal about The War Within and the next expansion’s features? We’ve summarized the highlights from the BlizzCon interview with WoW influencer MrGM for you.

At BlizzCon you learned more about WoW’s next expansion, The War Within, and not just us, but of course many other WoW sites and influencers were able to interview the developers of Blizzard’s RPG on location in Irvine, California. Streamer and YouTuber MrGM had the opportunity to speak with production director Michael Bybee and senior game designer Sean McCann.

In the interview, we find out more about upcoming Dragonflight patches, depths, and other features in The War Within. You can watch the interview video and highlights below.

Highlights from BlizzCon 2023 Developer MrGM Interview

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  • There will be no patch 10.3 for WoW: Dragonflight, but players won’t sit idly by and a new small patch will be installed every eight weeks until The War Within launches.
  • Your dragon riding talents will not carry over to The War Within, they will be incorporated into dynamic flying.
  • Riding a dragon may be unlocked faster in Patch 11.0, as BfA is no longer the default experience level for new players.
  • New combinations of races and classes may be implemented, but nothing can be said about them at this time.
  • We’ll also look at the fame system and crafting orders in The War Within.
  • The War Pack features will also support older expansions at a later date, but not yet at the launch of The War Within.
  • Coins will not be part of the warband.
  • Depths are shorter than dungeons (10-15 minutes) and have no speedrun mechanics or timers.
  • Brann will accompany you as an additional NPC in Season 1, even if you are a full party of 5 players.
  • The outside of the Great Treasury includes more activities than just depths. Exactly which one is still being worked out.
  • There seems to be a lot planned for archaeology. However, developers are not yet allowed to share accurate information.

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