WoW: No joke – EU’s top guild Echo is moving to the NA server… at least temporarily

WoW: No joke – EU’s top guild Echo is moving to the NA server… at least temporarily

The third race to be first in the world in WoW Dragonflight will begin in the next few days. Both top guilds, Echo and Liquid, managed to win a raid level each and the two are also expected to fight for victory in Amirdrassil – although Method still wants to have a say.

One of the points of contention in recent races has increasingly been the different start times. NA servers (North American servers) will come online on Tuesday evening our time, while European players will have to wait until Wednesday morning. This gives NA players a clear advantage – especially since they can get new gear right after changing their ID and defeat the final boss immediately after. The main guilds have long been in favor of a global release. But at Blizzard this falls on deaf ears. They are still sticking to the staggered release, as was reiterated at BlizzCon.

The boys at the EU’s top guild, Echo, have had enough. They switch to NA servers to be able to start at the same time as their competitor Liquid. Guild leader Scipe announced this in a tweet.

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