WoW: RWF – Guilds are trapped in Tindral, Blizzard reacts with a nerf

WoW: RWF – Guilds are trapped in Tindral, Blizzard reacts with a nerf

The last run for the first world of WoW: Dragonflight was less than two hours long when Echo already had the first world of Amirdrassil in her pocket. They were the first guild to defeat the final boss, Fyrakk. But how can this be for an EU guild if they only start after US players? As you may have noticed, Echo briefly moved to NA servers under the codename Project Albatross. The disguise was perfect because the characters’ names were all changed.

But there was nothing more to the action than some entertainment. As usual, Echo attacks European servers during European times and is therefore always one step behind Liquid. Will resetting the ID play any role this time? We summarize for you the Race to the First World in Amirdrassil.

Day 6: Roadblock Tindral receives its first nerfs

Monday, November 20, 2023

9am: Tindral is proving to be an almost impossible obstacle to overcome. Liquid now has 282 pulls on the penultimate boss and has just reached below the 50 percent mark. Things don’t look much better for the remaining guilds facing Tindral. Echo reaches 60 percent after 141 pulls, Method and Instand Dollar are still behind. Blizzard also reacted and released a hotfix to live servers last night, aimed at making Tindral a little easier. In particular, hit points have been drastically reduced (by 20%). Let’s see if this brings the main guilds closer to death.

Day 5: The favorites take the lead

Sunday, November 19, 2023

8:00 pm.: With Tindral, the first very, very difficult boss seems to be waiting in the raid. Both Echo, Liquid, Method, and INstant Dollar have spent almost the entire day on the penultimate boss and are slowly progressing. Will we see the Fyrakk final boss in the first ID? This is becoming less likely by the hour. Initial plans from major guilds already include ID resets.

09:00: What happened at RWF tonight? In the meantime, Liquid had to halt progress on Tindral due to technical issues, which Blizzard was able to resolve quickly. Meanwhile, Method, Echo, Instant Dollars, and BDG fought Glimmeron, all looking for the Second World Death. After the US guilds pulled an all-nighter, the Echo guys got up this morning and earned this achievement. Second world for Echo, who can now also deal with Tindral. Liquid now has 166 pulls on the same Tindral and has already “seen” the third phase, even if with few players.

Day 4: The (front) bosses are dropping like flies

Saturday, November 18, 2023

19:00.: As of today, all the favorites are out and fighting to make their way forward. As expected, the front bosses have nothing to say. Echo passed through Amirdrassil in record time and is currently trapped in Glimmeron. Method, in turn, distributed several one-shots and managed to defeat Larodar. EU guilds will continue to attack for a while and US guilds will also join in again over the next few hours. Mid Rank: Liquid lead at 7/9 – they are the only ones to have defeated Glimmeron so far and will face Trindral Raschweise tonight.

Day 3: More divisions and quick deaths

Friday, November 17, 2023

19:00.: Liquid has now also entered Mythic Mode… and how! The first three bosses fell victim to the guild on the first try. They showed so much DpS that the first boss, Gnarled Root, didn’t even start the second phase. Igira and Volocross also had nothing to report and were defeated. At Larodar, the US guild had to register its first clear. But this boss also fell on the sixth attempt. Let’s see how many bosses Liquid can defeat before the Americans’ day is over.

9:30 am: Overnight, Liquid continued to make splits, while BDG was on the mythical attack for at least a few hours and made the moves like a hot knife. The first boss had a go, Igira 3, Volcoross 2 and Council of Dreams 6 pulls. Then they also dedicated themselves again to splits and Mythic Plus dungeons. EU guilds Method and Echo are also starting splits again today. However, we are likely to see the first attempts at the mythical attack today.

Day 2: Fyrakk has to believe in it (heroically, of course) and first mythical kills

Thursday, November 16, 2023:

23:00.: While the major guilds continued to make splits (now the back bosses, including Fyrakk), more and more “smaller” guilds made their attempts at mythic mode. The first boss (Gnarl Root) doesn’t seem to be an obstacle and has already been defeated two dozen times. Igira is also still quite viable for ambitious guilds. After that it gets tight. Volcoross has been defeated four times and the Dream Council has only been defeated twice. The US Instant Dollar guild is currently at the top. But for how long? With BDG, at least one of the favorite guilds started mythic mode and geo-hit the first boss! Liquid shouldn’t be long before they begin their first attempts at Mythic. European guilds will probably only start rested tomorrow.

9:20 am: Echo and Liquid completed their normal splits and completed most of their heroic splits. Towards the end of the raid, it became increasingly difficult to defeat the bosses in heroic mode with many helpers. At the latest with Fyrakk you can no longer count on many split helpers.

Day 2 will see many heroic deaths in Fyrakk. And maybe at the end of the day he goes into mythical mode. Here, the Instant Dollars guild sent four bosses to the boards with surprisingly little pulling.

After Gnarlroot and Igira Instant Dollars defeated Council of Dreams in seven tries and Volcoross in the first try! Without wanting to diminish the achievements of this top guild, we can expect Echo, Liquid and Method to go through Mythic mode as soon as they manage to kill Fyrakk.

What is happening to the liquid flow?

As we predicted in the Top Guild Events in Amirdrassil article, Liquid raid leader Max attracts the most viewers on his Twitch channel. The Liquid Live event appears to rarely, if ever, be online.

Apparently this is due to a bug in Twitch. Team Liquid’s live stream is not displayed in the list of favorite live streams (neither online nor offline) or only appears in the stream list when you access it manually via search or in the WoW category. Raid leader Max has to comment on this repeatedly on his stream and gives the same response: “I have no idea, it’s not my stream.”

Day 1: Part time and first heroic kills

Wednesday, November 15, 2023:

4:00 pm.: After the heroic death of Fyrakk, the world’s first, the blue shoe of the US guild also obtained the world’s first mythical first. They were the first to defeat Gnarlroot in Amirdrassil Mythic mode. Although this is a US guild, we heard that it is one of the top guilds in Asia that has migrated to US servers. Echo has been through the normal divisions for some time now and the heroic divisions are also going well.

09:00: Following Fyrakk’s death on the US servers, the Echo strike team went straight to bed last night to begin the EU reset early the next day. Although they had planned to extract more information from the boss fight in a few tries, the character who was supposed to ensure identification found an empty boss room near Fyrakk when he entered the raid – oops. As I type these lines, Liquid has already been awake for 16 hours and is feeling tired 36 normal split races also go into heroic mode for splits sometimes. After that, however, it was the end of the day for the US guild.

Echo started early in the morning of November 15th around 5am and is currently busy doing her openings in normal mode. We already know that the Race to World First split race will take place in the first few days. In split races, many guild groups are organized with raiders and helpers assigned to effectively cobble together items for the best players in the raid group.

On Wednesday afternoon, the blue shoes guild secured the first heroic kill on Fyrakk. Instant Dollars, BDG, xD, and Melee Mechanics also defeated all bosses before this. Apparently, only The Early Shift guild had ventured into mythic mode so far, and they had already achieved some mythic world premieres in the past.

The raid progression in the mythical Amirdrassil

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