ZDF is removing popular program from the program just before the turn of the year

At the end of the year, ZDF will remove a popular show from its programming.Image: imago images/Agência Herrmann Photography


Vera Siebnich

The year is slowly coming to an end. This not only means shorter days, the first Christmas markets and “Last Christmas” on the radio, but also that the well-known television program is often confused.

One of the main reasons why regular programs are canceled or postponed: winter sports broadcasts from ARD and ZDF. Competitions in biathlon, alpine skiing, etc. They often take place in the early afternoon, which is why public broadcasters sometimes drastically change their programs.

However, the program change that ZDF has now announced has nothing to do with winter sports broadcasts. It is also not, as so often happens, “Storm of Love”, “Red Roses” or “Cash for Rares”. Instead, fans will have to do without a new edition of an absolute cult show. However, the replacement may be completely appropriate for many.

ZDF replaces the “heute-show”

The “heute-show” is an absolutely unmissable television event for many fans. Every Friday at 10:30 pm, Oliver Welke addresses federal politics, exposes politicians from all parties and mocks their statements.

But on December 29th, fans of the show will have to miss the broadcast. Because ZDF surprisingly includes a different program in its schedule. “Today’s show” is canceled on this day. However, there is still a glimmer of hope for fans, at least they won’t have to be without Oliver Welke on December 29th.

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Because just before New Year’s Eve, ZDF shows “Welke and Pastewka – seeing each other again is a joy”. In the program, “heute-show” presenter Oliver Welke and Bastian Pastewka look back on 60 years of German television.

Excerpts from special moments in television history are shown. To be able to comment even better on everything, the two guests. Torsten Sträter and Olaf Schubert will be there. You’ll also surprise the two presenters with TV clips.

There are two episodes in total, after the episode on December 29th, the second edition continues on January 5th, even so “today’s program” will probably be on pause.

Interestingly: the capacity of the stands for the show is limited. According to ZDF, however, there was still a high demand for tickets. The broadcaster resorted to a special solution. Tickets for the recording were awarded by lottery. Fans had to register in advance and then it was randomly selected who had the opportunity to purchase tickets.

HANDBOOK - January 28, 2023, ---: Moderator Oliver Welke is in the background of ZDF's “heute show” (undated recording).  After a six-week winter break, the first regular edition of...

The “Today Show” will have to give up its broadcast slot at the end of the year.Image: ZDF/Julia Feldhagen

The annual “heute-show” review is coming

However, fans don’t have to completely forego the scathing comments that make up the “heute show.” After “Welke and Pastewka”, ZDF will show a special edition of the satirical program on December 29th.

In a “special show today”, Lutz van der Horst and Bastian Fabian Köster look back on the past year. This should probably make up for fans missing the satirical show twice later in the year.

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